My friend took me to good dry-aged beef place the other day.
The restaurant was so spacious and neat!
I got excited after a second when I went in there and found the dry-aged beef in a fridge.









My friend recommended tasting different beef tongue.
One of them is fresh regular beef tongue and the other is dry-aged.
I liked both but dry-aged one is better because of the aroma and was still juicy.









We ate so many different parts of beef and everything was so delicious.
Since the meat is dry-aged, it should have lost moisture but it was really juicy and tasty.









Here is half cooked beef with raw egg and touch of truffle flavor that was excellent!
It’s simple and the taste wasn’t thick at all.
That’s why we could taste the meat flavor more and we felt absolutely happy!









If you are a meat lover, you should go!

Aging Beef TOKYO Shinjuku Sanchome branch
6th floor Rainbow Village 3-5-4 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Dinner time 17:00-23:30
Weekends and holidays
Lunch time 11:30-16:00
Dinner time 16:00-23:00
Closed : Second Monday