It’s getting colder day by day these days.
Finally the winter has come here in Japan.
We have lots of delicious food in wintertime such as seafood and Nabe.
Yes, you can’t miss Nabe(hot pot) that is traditional Japanese winter food.
It’s been loved for hundreds of years and every nabe has different recipe and ingredients depending on family, restaurant, neighborhood and region.
Nabe is very creative dish for Japanese people.








As mentioned, Nabe is traditional food but the history isn’t that long because we didn’t have custom to share same dish with many people until Edo period.
Until then, everyone used to eat own dish one by one.

Also, Nabe is such a perfect food that we can eat all nutrition like water-soluble vitamins,
and so many different ingredients at once.
It’s great diet for people who tries to lose weight and being healthy.
It’s the time for you to challenge creating your own Nabe this winter!