My friend who lives in Osaka asked me if I can go for lunch when she comes to Tokyo.

“There is my favorite galette place in Shibuya.  Do you want to go?”

I hadn’t had galette for a long while so I answered “Yes” right away.


Walking on Koen dori (street) till you see the entrance of Yoyogi park,  once you go in “off street”

it’s quiet and hard to believe that you are in Shibuya.

You see kind of a house of brick and stone; that’s the place.


The first word when I went in was “I like this place!”.



We decided to share 2 different types of galettes, the first one is eggs, ham and cheese one and the other is salmon and cream cheese.  I knew I’d definitely love them.


I think galettes go well with all kinds of ingredients such as meat, fish, vegetables and any cheese!




It’s big enough to make big eaters smile and happy!



My friend suggested that the best desert is the simplest one; butter and sugar one so we ordered it.



Although I only had this one but I knew this would be the best!

You would feel that you are in somewhere Europe because of the  food and atmosphere.


If you want to have slow-paced lunch or desert time, this place is perfect.




Au Temps Jadis

1-5-4 Jinnan  Shibuya-ku, Tokyo


Open 11:00~20:00

Close  Wednesdays