I’ve been thinking about this Kakunoshin Rt for a while and finally got a chance to visit!
Yes, it was great.

Kakunoshin is a restaurant famous for special dry aged beef and this place is one of their newest branches.
They have Korean BBQ style with a grill on the table but the atmosphere is like bistro.
It was very cozy and quiet.









We picked 3 different parts of beef and ordered charcuterie plate to start.
I was very amazed with the charcuterie!!









The staff cooked the meat for us.

















The meat was nicely half cooked and was so delicious and tender.
Wasabi went well with it.

I was absolutely happy with the meat but couldn’t help to order their famous hamburg stake and Menchi (It is like deep fried hamburg stake.) as well.
We knew we ordered too much food. LOL







We cooked hamburg stake ourselves and had cold noodle at last!
Yes, we did eat too much! LOL

Kakunoshin Rt
1-9-20 Tomigaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo