There is a Japanese restaurant bar owned by my high school friend called “Ninomae” in the area of Gakugei Daigaku (Tokyu Toyoko Line)



It’s not that I recommend because of my friend, it’s simply good!

I can’t believe a friend my age can make something like this.



One night, I was there and saying which sashimi I should choose……

and he said

“I can give you all with some pieces. You want all, right?”


Yes, he was right

and gave me this fantastic seasonal sashimi platter! (For 3 people)




See, don’t you think it looks good?


The chef’s choice is perfect.  I really love how he cooks the marinated Mackerel !




Grilled pork saikyo is amazingly soft and matches with Imo Shochu!



Other basic menu is good as well.



Okra and chicken



Japanese style omelet



Pork sparerib with balsamico soy sauce



Grilled salmon with Yuzu kosho.




I can tell that he put all his love to the food.

There are different types of Sake and Shochu so if you have questions, please feel free to ask me.

Try “Sake 3 kinds tasting”   it’s only 1000 yen.  super cheap!





3-3-11 Takaban  Meguro-ku, Tokyo

phone  03-3714-0288

Open 5 p.m. 〜 0 a.m.

Close Wednesdays