One of my closest friend’s father visited her here in Tokyo and I joined their family dinner the other day.
My friend picked an Anago (Conger-eels) cuisine restaurant in Asakusa.
I’m familiar with Unagi restaurant but it was very first time to go to only Anago restaurant.

We ordered 3800 Yen per person course meal and it was huge!
They served so many dishes more than we expected.









We had Anago tempura and sashimi to start.
I ate Anago sashimi in Tokyo for the first time.








Anago omelet. The Dashi broth is so delicate.








Since we drank lots of Sake so quickly and finished dished in a minute,
they served us an extra tempura dish! How nice!







This is my favorite plain grilled Anago. It’s so good to eat with soy sauce and wasabi.
It was huge but it’s for a person.









This is called “Yanagawa” that is anago in dashi broth with eggs.
We were almost full when it was served, but we finished it all because the soup was light taste and delicious!
Lastly we had Anago sushi as well.
It was a huge meal and we were all happy with that!
I will definitely go back there for sure.

1st floor Sakata building, 2-26-1 Nishi-Asakusa, Taito-ku
Business hour 18:00 – 23:30(L.O.23:00)