I heard that there is a good drinking spot in Kawasaki so I went to the reception party.


It’s just next to Kawasaki station in the first basement and there are 9 places you can try different kinds of food and drinks.


Where I went first is Ginbuta (Grilled pork place).



It comes 3 grilled pork recommended skewers and costs only 360 yen. How lucky I am!

Most of the dishes is around 200~300 yen.


Next, I went to Ishiyaki Meat Beefsteak. I had the one a waiter recommended called lemon soda.

It’s perfect for summer hot day. I asked if I could get less portion since I’ve been eating and drinking and will go to other places as well.


This is my favorite place!! Anything I tried was good.

Chicken and beef were tender and juicy matching with wine.




Ok……what’s next? Before I get full, I gotta go to one more place!


Here you go.  I came to Noren Sushi.

Tuna set 6 sushi is only 500 yen!!!  Isn’t is too cheap?????

I also tried another set as well.



Oh my gosh….. I can’t stop having fun!


It’s time to have Italian food !  so I tried an assorted appetizer and a glass of white wine.

I asked the chef if I could a little bit of everything and he said okay. What a nice chef!

He gave me a small pizza but I forgot to take a picture since I had too much fun.



Alright I don’t know if I’m drunk or not.  Afterwards I went to Chinese place and has some dishes.

I was totally full.


On 29 and 39, you can have all drinks for 100 yen!  SUPER cheap!!

Don’t miss this chance if you like drinking!


You can try all places or just go somewhere specific whichever I’m sure you’l l love the atmosphere and everything.


Kawasaki Honobono Yokocho


12-1 Ekimae Honcho Kawasaki-ku  Kawasaki city, Kanagawa


11:30 a.m.~2:00 p.m.
4:00 p.m.~0:00 a.m.

2 minutes from Kawasaki Station