I got a chance to try this famous dorayaki which is from one of TOP 3 ranked in Tokyo during the film festival I worked for.



It’s made with brown sugar and honey so taste like a bit pan cake and unique.


Although it’s very popular Japanese sweet but not really typical style so if you are not a big fan of dorayaki, you might be able to enjoy it.


The filling Anko (red bean paste) is not too sweet so I had it really quickly.


It’s not easy to buy this but it’s worth to be in line.

If you are a fan of dorayaki, you should visit there and give it a try.



Kuromatsu Honpo  SOUGETSU


2−15−16 Higashi Jujo   Kita-ku, Tokyo


Opne  9 a.m.〜7 p.m.

close Tuesday