That is the chain of sushi store we want to stop over one time. That name is “Sushizanmai”. The president of it ,Mr.Kiyoshi Kimura, is the famous person who has knocked Tuna down every year of first auction. Besides, many people like him because his performance, cheerful character and lovely smiling gives us positive impression.


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Speaking of Tsukiji, though there are a lot of shops to deal with fresh seafood, no other shops serve not only sushi also always make a line with holding many chain stores. It conducts a tuna filleting display every year. Most spectators are taken with impressive performance in front of them. Sure, even though you can touch the situation which someone fillets a tuna, this is the one of features which you can eat just that time.


Absolutory, you can enjoy a tuna filleting event. But shall we also enjoy cheerful voice by the staff during having a various sushi?