Which styles are you favorite of a impressive tuna filleting or a fine handling kitchen knife?


Photo by Writer

It is available time you come inside and observe a part of impressive situation which many of staff work inner Tsukiji. Especially, a tuna filleting has your eyes glued. A tuna which is delivered early morning is filleted to small parts. That scene is just impressive and big. Without doubt you’ll want to try just there if you can have a row seafood without a rule.


Photo by Writer

On the other hand, the writer met with the person who has skillful handling of kitchen knife to a variety of small fishes. I understood this is craft man when he was changing his knife for different fishes. That work which is a very fine handling of small bones and removing the scales gave me impressive impact. Therefore , I stopped by there about 20min in order to observe that.

Which are you favorite one?


*Please follow the manner by Tsukiji for the worker when you sightsee inner Tsukiji.