Onigiri(Rice ball) in Tsukiji?

The writer also was surprised when to visit Tsukiji. Though it was at 8am, I saw the line of people in front of the store.


Photo by Writer

In the first place, Onigiri is a traditional Japanese meal(snack). In English we call Rice ball or Omusubi, it is eaten in some situation in Japan. For example, there are in breakfast, lunch and as a snack when we go to a picnic with a family and friends. The center of Onigiri is some materials, like a salmon and Japanese apricot and wrap it with a sheet of seaweed.


This store, named Marutoyo, saves the various type of Onigiri about over 40 kinds which has a convenient price approximately ¥200. And more, the size is bigger than others, like Japanese convenience stores. So maybe even though you will hesitate to buy anything, you will be absolutely satisfied. Surely, all of Omigiri are made in this store by the experienced staff in the morning. Most of repeater like a picky rice and materials.


How do you try it in only Tsukiji?



4 Chome-9-9 Tsukiji, Chuo, Tokyo 104-0045