I was invited to my friend’s wedding in Wakamatsu Kawada. I had an impression that there was TV station,neighborhood of Tokyo women medical university, and the area Bushi(Samurai) used to live in this town. That’s all what I know.

103006ga10000032Surprisingly it is a wonderful place for wedding reception. If it’s long time ago, common man like me couldn’t go in. It’s called ”Ogasawara-Tei”


Kokura domain head, 30th family’s house has been renovated to this restaurant.

It was built as concrete building  1927. After world war 2, GHQ took over this place but it’s got back and renovated in 2002.

The olive tree in the courtyard is the symbol tree of this house but there are many birds hidden which Mr.Ogasawara liked.


When you have a chance, try to find them.

It was a wonderful wedding and food so I forgot to take pictures.