This promotional movie introduces local foodie of each station of Heisei Chikuho Railway. Yaki-Supa, the local food of Nogata City is introduced in the movie.



Yaki-Supa used to be served at a café called “Yuyake” which no longer exists and became soul food of Nogata City. Basic ingredients are cabbage, onions and pork and stir fry them and spaghetti. Of course more ingredients can be added whatever you like!


Access to Nogata City


Arriving by airplane:

Approximately 1h 45 mins from Haneda Airport to Kitakyushu Airport. About 1 hr drive via highway from Kitakyushu Airport to the center of Nogata City.


Arriving by train:

Approximately 5 hrs from Tokyo station to Kokura station by bullet train. About 15 mins from Kokura Station to Orio Station by JR Kagoshima Main Line. Another 20 mins from Orio Station to Nogata Station by JR Chikuho Main Line.



Flower town, Nogata City



Nogata Riverside Park

Nogata City has been trying to make beautiful city featured flowers. The symbol of the flower town is 13000 tulips planted by the local volunteers. In spring, Nogata Riverside Park features blooms of colorful tulips. Nogata Summer Festival is held in the park and is the biggest event in the city. Also, Fukuchiyama Sanroku Flower Park is a good place to enjoy beautiful flowers where is located in Eimanji.



Nogata City has many historical places such as Nogta Coal Memorial Museum where used to be a meeting place of Chikuho Coal Mining Industry Association. The history of Chikuho Coalfield where was the number one producer of coal can be learned in the museum.



Takatori Castle Remains

Mizumachi Iseki Remains which is the prefectural historical place can be seen at Mizumachi Iseki Park. There remains rare mounds in the park. Takatori Castle Remains which is located on Mt. Takatori is also a popular place to visit as a place associated with Kanbe Kuroda.



Nogata City where is the place unique local taste can be enjoyed




Nogtashi has several unique local tastes like Yaki-Supa mentioned earlier. “Curry-yaki” is another popular local food. “Yaki-curry” (baked curry rice) is famous nationwide but Curry-yaki is not well known. It’s baked cake (like pancake dough) with curry sauce in it and is loved as a snack by locals. Also, Narikin-Manju has been popular as a souvenir.


Why don’t you visit Nogata City to taste the soul food Yaki-Supa?


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