Oki-machi town, Fukuoka Prefecture has been trying to recycle and reduce trash since 2008. The administration kept telling residents to change in awareness of trash issue. Then currently residents positively work on separating trash to recycle them. Facilities to recycle trash were built and now the town is top 5 of recycling in Japan.




Access to Oki-machi town

Arriving by airplane:

Approximately 2hrs from Haneda Airport to Fukuoka Airport. About 1 hr drive from Fukuoka Airport to the center of Oki-machi town.

Arriving by train:

Approximately 5 hrs from Tokyo station to Hakata station by bullet train. About 35 mins from Hakata Station to Kurume Station and another 10 mins from Kurume Station to Hainuzuka Station by JR Kagoshima Main Line.




A townscape with creeks

Oki-machi town is known as one of Japan’s leading creek town. The history of creek started in Heian period and the creeks occupies 16% of the land area of the town. Creek-no-sato Ishimaruyama Park was built to preserve the remains of traditional agricultural culture as they are as much as possible. There are many things to do in the park such as seeing exhibits of agricultural tools in the museum, watching wild lives, plants, flowers and more.



After enjoying the townscape with creeks, taking hot springs to heal the fatigue at Natural Hot Spring Oki No Yu Aqus is the perfect plan. They have many different baths and pools where anybody can be relaxed.




A great producer of mushrooms, Oki-machi town


Oki-machi town is one of leading mushroom producer in western Japan. Enoki mushroom noodles which is a noodle in soup made with enoki mushroom instead of regular noodles were served at some events and was very popular. People liked the fresh texture of the mushroom and was healthy because of fiber. Also, there is a bakery sells “Oki burger” which is hamburger with locally produced mushrooms.  Oki-machi town is a great place to taste mushroom dishes. Mushroom picking is popular activity as well.



Why don’t you visit to see the historical creeks and taste mushroom dishes in Oki-machi town?



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