This promotional movie introduces charms of Chikuzen-machi town where has interesting history. Hiratsuka-kawazoe-iseki Park, Tachiarai Peace Memorial Museum and beautiful cosmos are featured.



Reconstructed pit-house and ancient scenery can be seen there.




Access to Chikuzen-machi town

Arriving by airplane:
Approximately 2hrs from Haneda Airport to Fukuoka Airport. About 45 min drive from Fukuoka Airport to the center of Chikuzen-machi town.

Arriving by train:
Approximately 5 hrs from Tokyo station to Hakata station by bullet train. About 15 mins from Hakata Station to Futsukaichi Station by JR Kagoshima Main Line and another 2 mins from Futsukaichi Station to Tenpaizan Station.




Chikuzen-machi, a town of nature and history

There are many mounded tombs in Fukuoka Prefecture but Yakuno-Toge mounde tomb in Chikuzen-machi town is the largest rectangular-shaped tomb in Kyushu region. It’s very rare with square shaped rear and thought it was made 4th century. Sendo mounded tomb is famous as a place where the perfect condition of clay images were excavated.

Ohnamuchi Shrine in Chikuzen-machi town has a history of 1800 years and is thought it is the oldest shrine in Japan. There is a traditional event called “Okunchi” is held every autumn and simulated Daimyo marching in the domain of Akizuki called “Okudari” is worth seeing.

Chikuzen-machi town has many parks where seasonal flowers can be seen through a year. Also camping is popular activity in the town and many family enjoy it especially in summertime.




A home of Chikuzenni

Chikuzenni is traditional chicken stew with various vegetable which is currently eaten nationwide but Chikuzen area is the birth place of it. It has a long history and used to be called “gameni”. Recently, traditional steamed zoni (special soup for New Year) which was invented in the Edo period became a new local food of the town and many restaurants serve it.



Chikuzen-machi town is known as agricultural region and has many original products .Locally made black soy beans called “Chikuzen Kurodamaru”, flour called “Chikuzen Mugitaro” and “Kizu” a kind of citrus are most famous products. Sweets, bread, Udon noodles, liqueur, jam and more made with those town’s specialties are popular for tourists as well.


Why don’t you enjoy the nature and history, and taste the local food in Chikuzen-machi town?


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