[:en]This promotional movie shows us how fascinating Obuse-machi town is where is the smallest town in Nagano Prefecture. Obuse-machi town started the town planning 30 years ago with concepts of making atmosphere that the residents can enjoy and making town that the residents can be proud of.



Obuse-machi town used to suffer from depopulation but the town became popular sightseeing place where million people visit every year because of the efforts by fascinating residents. The promotional movie features the fascinations of the town and people who live in the town.

Access to Obuse-machi town

Arriving by train:
Approximately 1hr 35 mins from Tokyo station to Nagano station by bullet train. About 40 mins from Nagano station to Obuse station by Nagano Dentetsu Nagano Line.
Arriving by car:
Approximately 3 hrs from Tokyo to the center of Obuse-machi town.

Obuse-machi town, the town of Hokusai with beautiful townscape

Obuse-machi town flourished as a hub of transportation and economy in the Edo period.
Many historical heritages remains that detailed the conditions of that time. Phoenix painting of on the ceiling of Ganshoin Temple painted by Hokusai Katsushika is one of the most popular must-see things in Nagano Prefecture. There is also a museum named Hokusai-kan where many paintings by Hokusai Katsushika are exhibited. Especially his artworks Higashimachi Festival Float and Kanmachi Festival Float are definitely must-see!

There had been a magistrate’s office for 15 years as a government territory of Edo Bakufu. The atmosphere of that time can be felt at Jinya-Koji alley. Jinya-Inari Shrine where has a small stone shrine that is a remain of the mafistrate’s office is another must-see spot.

Obuse has not only historical heritages but also open gardens are popular for tourists. Open gardens are individual residences’ gardens that are open to the public. There are over 130 open gardens in the town and many seasonal flowers can be seen.

A town of chestnut, Obuse

Obuse is known as a great chestnuts producer because of the perfect weather and Matsukawa River. That high quality chestnuts were dedicated to Shogun in the Edo period. Currently varieties of sweets and dishes with chestnuts can be eaten everywhere in the town. Why don’t you taste the chestnuts in Obuse?

Also, Soba noodles, the specialty of all over Nagano Prefecture is popular in Obuse as well. Soba and locally produced Sake called Square One are the most popular souvenirs.


Why don’t you feel the fascinations of the town and people in Obuse?


Obuse-machi town, Nagano Prefecture Official tourism information site “Obuse Biyori”