Chikushino City is located in slightly to the west of the center of Fukuoka Prefecture. Tsukushi-chan, the character of the city takes a tour of the convenient town that has rich nature and remains historical places.


The promotional movie features many must-see places such as Mt. Tenpai where trekking can be easily enjoyed like strolling, Shito-no-taki waterfalls where Sugawarano Michizane cleansed himself, Futsukaichi Onsen that was featured on Manyo-shu, Hakata-jidori chicken, Daiginjo Sake and more.

Access to Chikushino City

Arriving by airplane:

Approximately 2hrs from Haneda Airport to Fukuoka Airport. About 6 mins from the airport to Hakata Station by Fukuoka City Subway. About 30 min drive from Hakata to the center of Chikushino City.

Arriving by train:
Approximately 5 hrs from Tokyo station to Hakata station by bullet train. About 15 mins from Hakata Station to Futsukaichi Station by JR Kagoshima Main Line.

Let’s go see historical places and nature spots!


Chikushino City has the great nature with mountains where people can enjoy trekking. Mt. Tenpaizan is easy to hike, where we can overlook the whole city.

Buzo-ji Temple

Shito falls

There is Buzo-ji Temple at the foot of the mountain and is the oldest temple in Kyushu Region established in the Asuka Period. Shito falls is good place to stop by when visiting the temple. It is said the Sugawara no Michizane cleansed his body with the water falls. Gojisaku Tenmangu Shrine is also known as a place where associated with Sugawara no Michizane. When he entered Buzo-ji Temple, he carved his own size wooden seated statue and offered it to the shrine.In the neighborhood around Buzo-ji is a park called Mt. Tempaizan Historical Natural Park where is a great place to see various flowers in all season. Chikushino City has another must-see place that is Goroyama Tumulus where has mysterious mural paintings.

Having been relaxed in hot springs after tour of historical places and nature spots

Futsukaichi Onsen is a famous hot springs that was in Manyoshu (the first major anthology of early Japanese poetry). The water is popular especially for woman with a slight scent of sulfur as “Hot water of beauty skin”, is alkaline simple radium springs. There are 3 kinds of walk-in bath called Hakata-yu, Gozen-yu and Ogiya Ryokan. Hakata-yu was established in 1860, the temperature of the water is 43.8℃ and is 100 % natural hypotonic alkalescent and high temperature hot springs.


Gozen-yu is a fun public bath with air bubble bath and jet bath. Ogiya Ryokan is a popular place with hot water called Bihada-no-yu (Hot water of beauty skin) in simple-hearted atmosphere.


Let’s cure the fatigue at the hot springs after enjoying the nature and seeing the historical places!


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