A festival called “Onigie” is held every October at Mihashira Shrine in riverside district Yanagawa. The biggest event of the festival is “Dorotsukudon” which was designated as intangible folk cultural assets of Fukuoka Prefecture. It’s a dance performance on the float and the dancers place mask and express all the feelings of human being.



So many people visit to see this traditional festival from both inside and outside the prefecture.


Access to Yanagawa City

Arriving by airplane:
Approximately 2hrs from Haneda Airport to Fukuoka Airport. About 52 min drive from Fukuoka Airport to the center of Yanagawa City.

Arriving by train:
Approximately 5 hrs from Tokyo station to Hakata station by bullet train. About 11 mins from the airport to Tenjin Station by Fukuoka City Subway. Another 50 mins from Nishitetsu-Tenjin Station to Nishitetsu-Yanagawa Station by Nishitetsu Tenjin Omuta Line.

A riverside district Yangawa flourished as a castle town

Ohana has a beautiful garden

There many canals called “Horiwari” in the Yanagawa City where flourished as a castle town in the past. People always enjoy boating in this riverside district. Ohana is a must-see place when visiting Yanagawa where was the residence of Tachibana Family, the feudal lord of Yanagawa clan in the Edo Period. Ohana has a beautiful garden and was designated as a national best scenic place in 2011. Ohana is such a fun place to visit to enjoy shopping, seeing and eating. Not only Ohana but also just strolling the town is fun because of the beautiful scenery of the riverside townscape.

Yanagawa City is also known as a place related to Hakushu Kitahara. His house became a memorial museum in 1985 to celebrate 100 anniversary of his birth. In the museum, historical documents of Yanagawa and movies of Hakushu are exhibited.


Yanagawa, the birthplace of Unagi Seiro-mushi

Unagi Seiro-mushi

Yanagawa used to be famous for unagi (eels). An old Unagi place called “Ganso Motoyoshiya” and its owner Shichirobei Motoyoshi made Unagi Seiro-mushi first. It is steamed with flavored rice with Unagi on top in a steaming basket called “Seiro” and became the specialty of the city. It is absolutely must-eat dish in Yanagawa and is also available at Ohana mentioned earlier.


Also, a dish called “Yanagawa”, the stewed loaches and burdock roots with eggs have been loved by locals for a long time, and Yanagawa is famous for rare fish from Ariake Sea.


Why don’t you enjoy boating and Unagi Seiro-mushi at the riverside town Yanagawa?


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