Tagawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture led the modernization of Japan as a producer of coal. Coal mine is a symbol of Tagawa City. This promotional movie introduces history of coal mine in Tagawa City.



There is Tagawa City Coal History Museum at the ruins of Mitsui Tagawa coal industry which was the biggest coal mine in Chikuho Region. In the museum, Japan’s first Memory of the World registered Sakubei Yamamoto Collection is exhibited. His memorial paintings were made based on his own experience and heasay and the number of the paintings are amazingly over 1000.


Access to Tagawa City

Arriving by airplane:
Approximately 2hrs from Haneda Airport to Fukuoka Airport. About a 1hr 15 min bus ride from Fukuoka Airport Domestic Flight Terminal North to Ita Station.

Arriving by train:
Approximately 5 hrs from Tokyo station to Kokura station by bullet train. 55 mins from Kokura Station to Tagawa-Ita Station by JR Hitahikoyama Line.


A town of coal mine, Tagawa City

Tagawa City Coal History Museum

A town of coal mine Tagawa City is a birthplace of Tanko-bushi (folk song of coal mining), in where there still remains a lot of ruins of coal mining industry. Tagawa City Coal History Museum is located in Coal Memorial Park where the history of coal mine can be felt. The park was made to keep the culture and history of coal mining and there remains old facilities such as Ita tateko, chimneys and more and is popular as a sightseeing place. TAGAWA Coal Mine Festival is held every November at the park.


Kawawatari Jinko Festival

Tagawa City has not only coal mine related places but also museums and beautiful parks. Kasuga Shrine has a history of over 1240 where has been loved by locals for a long time. Fuuji Hachimangu Shrine was designated as the first intangible fold cultural assets of Fukuoka Prefecture where is famous for Kawawatari Jinko Festival which is one of five great festivals in Fukuoka Prefecture.

Hormone (offal) can’t be missed when visiting Tagawa City

When the town flourished because of the coal mine, one of the workers grilled hormone with a paper bag of cement instead of pan. He found the hormone got tender and mild flavor because the paper bag took the extra moisture from the hormone and it became specialty of the town. Since the hormone and inexpensive and has good nourishing, local people has loved them. Currently there are many hormone shops everywhere in the city.


Why don’ t you visit Tagawa City to see the history of coal mine that helped modernization of Japan?


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