The film features the lively and liveable city of Kariya, focusing on its vast nature, variety of industries, and its easy accessibility.



Kariya City, located in the heart of Aichi Prefecture, used to develop as a castle town during the Edo Era. Currently, it is well-known for its industry with various Toyota automobile-related head offices and factories. While development spreads around Kariya Station in the South of the city, in the North, there is still precious nature around the university, which makes this city even more attractive.


Access Information to Kariya City

By plane:

Take an hour flight from Haneda Airport to Chubu Centrair International Airport. Take a 20-minute-ride on the Meitetsu Limited Express from the airport to Kanayama Station. From Kanayama Station to Kariya Station, transfer to the JR Tokaido Line Rapid train. It is approximately a 15-minute-ride.

By railway:

After an hour and 40 minutes on the bullet train from Tokyo Station to Nagoya Station, take a 20-minute-ride on the JR Tokaido Main Line Rapid train to Kariya Station.


Must-Go Spots in Kariya City!

Kariya Highway Oasis

Japan has popular amusement parks such as Tokyo Disney Land and Universal Studios Japan (USJ), but Kariya Highway Oasis has ranked 3rd place for its number of annual visitors. There is good access from both, highway and local streets, and you can find not only its landmark Ferris wheel, but also a hot spring, attractions, restaurants, shops with fresh vegetables, and a wide variety of amusements facilities. It is also famous for its gorgeous toilets.


Kozutsuminishi Pond

This pond, used for irrigation, is found in the Northern area of the city. Its field of Irises growing in clusters was designated as a national natural monument. From May to June, purple flowers bloom at their best and visitors gather to enjoy the view. Besides, a variety of valuable flora and fauna can be seen depending on the season. Its precious nature is being protected by volunteering local residents.


Must-Eat Foods in Kariya City!

Imokawa Udon Noodles

Kishimen (broad and flat noodles) are well-known specialties in Nagoya City, nearby Kariya. However, Kariya City’s Imokawa Udon Noodles are said to be the precursors of kishimen. Since there are no former recipes from those days, local residents re-created them and are currently served at Udon restaurants around the city. Unlike kishimen’s slippery texture, Imokawa Udon is known for its rather rough texture.


Although Kariya City may be widely known as an industrial city, it is also a comfortable place with rich nature, historical cuisine, and plenty of leisure specials to enjoy.