[:en]This video introduces us to sightseeing spots, focusing on the magnificent mountain views from Komagane City. Each place comes with beautiful nature in it, which there is no doubt you will feel delighted just by watching its content.



Komagane City is located in the southern part of Nagano Prefecture, where two mountain ranges can be seen: the Central Alps to the West and the Southern Alps to the East. Although there is a wide temperature range between winter and summer, since it is dry with low humidity, the weather is quite suitable. This city will surely satisfy its visitors not only with its views, but also with its tasty cuisine, influenced by the city’s pleasant climate and breath-taking nature.


Access Information to Komagane City

By bus:
It is a 3.5 hour ride to Komagane Interchange bus stop, taking the Keio Highway bus from Shinjuku.

By train:
Take a 15-minute-ride from Tokyo Station’s JR Chuo Line Rapid train to Shinjuku Station. Ride for about 2.5 hours after transferring to the Limit Express train to Okaya Station. It is an hour ride from Okaya Station to Komagane City using the Chuo Main Line Local train.


Must-Go Spots in Komagane City!

Central Alps Senjojiki Curl
At an elevation of 2,612 meters, this bowl-shaped area spreading out at the foothills of Mount Hoken, was shaven off by glaciers during the Ice Age about 20,000 years ago. Every season, different sceneries can be enjoyed, such as alpine plants in summer, autumn leaves in fall, and snow-covered landscapes in winter. You can easily reach the top by using the ropeway, which its autumn panoramic view is especially popular among visitors.

Hayataro Hot Spring
Located at the foot of the Central Alps, this hot spring is known for its health benefits including recovery from neuralgia, stiff muscles, and arthralgia. It is also recognized as the “Springs of Beauty,” for its smooth skin effect. The open-air baths surrounded by the natures of Komagane City will surely heal your mind and soul.

Komagane Farms
At the souvenir shops, you can enjoy not only Komagane City’s specialties such as Gohei-mochi (skewered sweet rice cakes), Soba Noodles with Mushroom, Udon Noodles, and Oyaki (vegetable or red sweet bean stuffed dumplings), but also other Nagano local specialties. You can also find dairy products, a beer brewery, and a variety of cuisine that its nature provides.


Must-Eat Foods in Komagane City!

Komagane Sauce Katsudon
This is shredded cabbage and deep-fried pork cutlet placed on top of a bowl of rice that marries its special sauce. The regular Katsudon in Japan, is often served with eggs. However, in Komagane City, it is usually served with sauce. This is a quite local specialty served in more than 40 restaurants in the city.


The beautiful landscapes and tasty cuisine that both Alps provide, will no doubt cheer you up.