[:en]The promotional movie introduces Tobata Gion Ohyamagasa which is the national important intangible folk cultural property and also one of the three great festivals in Fukuoka Prefecture. The reporter interviews many people involved and reports how they prepared the festivals, what kind of festival it is and more.



Ohyamagasa, the large floats, gets decorated with 12 layers and 309 lanterns that looks like a pyramid of lights. It is very dynamic, gorgeous and beautiful!

Access to Kokura

Arriving by airplane:
Approximately 1h 45 mins from Haneda Airport to Kitakyushu Airport. About a 30 min bus ride from the airport to Kokura station.

Arriving by train:
Approximately 5 hrs from Tokyo station to Kokura station by bullet train.

Kitakyushu, the city with full of nature and fun places

Moji-ko Retro District

Kitakyushu City is such a fascinating city surrounded by mountains and seas, and has so many places to visit and great local tastes. Moji-ko Retro District where is located in the northernmost Kyushu Region is one of the most popular places recently. Mojiko was flourished as one of the biggest international ports like Kobe and Yokohama from the end of the Meiji Period. There still many retro buildings remain which looks like the townscape at the time. Mojiko Retro District where shows us good old days is absolutely the must-see place in the city, where is perfect place to stroll, shop and eat!

There is a park called Mekari Park where is known as the best scenic spot to see Kanmon Straits with observatory and Moji Castle Remains. Please stop by Mekari Shrine nearby the park. Also, Ganryujima Island, the place where Samurai Musashi Miyamoto and Kojiro Sasaki fought, is located in the Kanmon Straits.

Kokura, the center of Kitakyushu City, has Kokura Castle. The lit up castle in the nighttime makes a part of the lively city. Kokura is such a lively city all day but there are World Heritage designated Yahata Steel Works and related facilities a bit away from Kokura. Kitakyushu City is full of sightseeing spots!

Kitakyushu is the paradise of unique local taste

Kitakyushu City is such a blessed place with natural ingredients like seafood and vegetables. Since Shimonoseki, the place known as a capital of fugu (blowfish) cuisine, is close by, great quality of fugu and one of the specialty Octopus can be enjoyed. Not only seafood but also Kokura Ushi beef, very rare wagyu, is one of the specialty of the city as well. As mentioned, Kitakyushu has so many good ingredients from the nature but also many unique local tastes. The oldest ones are Yahata Dumplings and Tobata chanpon (noodles in soup) was loved by workers of Yahata Steel Works. Also, Kokura is the birthplace of Yaki-Udon (stir fried udon noodles) which is very popular Japanese food nationwide. There is a traditional local dish called “Nuka-daki” which is a dish sardines boiled in rice bran paste. Nowadays, newly born local food of Mojiko called “Yaki-curry” (baked curry rice with cheese on top) is also getting popular.

Why don’t you visit Kitakyushu to enjoy sightseeing and taste the local food?

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