[:en]This video, that feels like a music video, features a woman who visits the famous places of Murata Town with rap music in the background. There is no detailed explanation, but the atmosphere of the town really comes through.



Murata Town, located in the southern part of Miyagi Prefecture, is a lush green town surrounded by mountains. The town is located next to Sendai City, and has prospered as a place of traffic since long time ago, but nowadays there are no train stations, and the city can only be accessed by either bus or car. Storehouses remain as a part of the townscape, so you can still imagine how the town used to prosper during the Edo period. Because of the beautiful townscape, and the basin that resembles the geography of Kyōto, it is sometimes called little Kyōto.


Access to Murata Town

Arriving by plane:
Approx. 1 hour 15 min. from Narita Airport to Sendai Airport, then approx. 20 min. from Sendai Airport Station to Sendai Station via the Sendai Airport Access Line, and finally approx. 30 min. from Sendai Station West Exit to the front of Murata Town Hall by a bus heading from Sendai City to Active Resorts Miyagi Zaō in Zaō Town.

Arriving by train:
Approx. 1 hour 30 min. from Tōkyō Station to Sendai Station by a Tōhoku Shinkansen train, and then approx. 30 min. by car via Tōhoku Expressway to the town area.

Must-see Spots to Visit When Visiting Murata Town

Townscape with storehouses

The thing that gives you the best idea of what Murata Town is about are the storehouses that stand in line in the town area. During the Edo period, the town served as an important point on the highway that connected Sendai and Yamagata. The traders of Murata used to buy safflowers and indigo from the surrounding areas and send it to the big cities. The storehouses served as both buildings and residences, which shared the same entrance. These types of storehouses are said to be unique to Murata Town.


Sportsland SUGO
A race track that also has a circuit of Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile. Tournaments of various sizes are held here. While you can of course watch the races, you may also want to drive on the race track yourself with one of their rental carts, which have a top speed of 80 km/h.


Must-get Souvenirs to Buy When Visiting Murata Town

Products made from broad beans
Murata Town is known as a production site of broad beans, and as such you can purchase various products that are made from broad beans. There are many popular products, each with their own characteristics. For example, “broad bean udon noodles”, which are chewy and have the characteristic flavor of broad beans, and “broad bean ice cream”, which is made of top class vanilla flavored with the taste of broad beans.


Famous Must-see Festivals To See When Visiting Murata Town

Town of Storehouses Murata, Hotei Festival

A festival that worships “Hotei”, the god of fortune. It is held every year in the beginning of October. More than two-meter-tall gigantic Hotei dolls are accompanied by instruments like flutes and drums, as they parade through the town together with dashi floats. The melody played by the flute is said to be “Aoba no Fue”, which was the favorite melody of the young warrior of the Taira family, Taira no Atsumori, who once escaped to the Tohoku region.


Murata Town with its old storehouses, that once used to be busy, is a place that makes you feel nostalgic.