On May 26 (Saturday), Future Hanabi (fireworks) Entertainment “STAR ISLAND 2018” was held at Odaiba Beach Park​.

This was the second time the event was held, following the previous year. The weather was great on the day of the event, and the event drew around 15,000 visitors, who were able to enjoy the one-night entertainment spectacle.


Future Hanabi Entertainment “STAR ISLAND” combines world-class fireworks, that are part of traditional Japanese culture, with cutting edge technology, such as 3D sound, show performances, and lighting. This firework entertainment show combines plenty of content into an innovative and evolutionary spectacle that is first of its kind in the world.


The writers of Inside Local Japan were also able to see the show, and enjoy the combination of fireworks and music. They also made an original movie, so please check it out.



The tickets were sold out before the event! The show has established itself as a new form of firework entertainment

This year, which is the second year the event was held, the tickets were sold out before the event.

The show has a new feel to it, drawing a line between existing firework displays. This year it had much higher expectations compared to last year, and because of that, there was a 250-meter line at the entrance on the day of the event, with everyone waiting to enter the world of STAR ISLAND as soon as the doors are opened.


As soon as you enter the venue you are surrounded by friendly atmosphere, as there are performers wearing gorgeous costumes and makeup at the entrance, who greet all the visitors. Many people stop to take pictures of their incredible performance, and interact with them.

There were male and female visitors of all ages, and even many families with children.

Even the specially set up kid’s area was bustling with activity from start to finish.


Besides that, many groups and couples also came to see the show, and there were even some visitors from abroad here and there. Everyone was enjoying the show their own way.


“STAR ISLAND” polishes your world view, as it takes you to a new place

The audience was surrounded by around 300 speakers playing 3D sound, that were set up around the venue. Lights were flickering in all directions, as an awe-inspiring performance began with performers holding torches entering the stage.

And then, as a large-flowered firework was fired into the night sky, remarkably loud cheering broke out.

A lot of performers made an appearance, like fire performers, air performers, and water performers, who appeared from the surface of the water.

In the final stage of the show, Swan Lake started playing, and ballet dancers entered the stage.


Many different genres of music, like pop, rock, and dance music, were blasting from the 3D speakers, and shaking up the minds and bodies of audience members. The sync between the fireworks and performances had been improved significantly from the previous year’s show.

Fireworks of various forms and colors flew into the sky with Odaiba’s swarm of buildings in the background, mesmerizing the audience.

The whole show felt unified even with all the dramatic unfolding, and it will surely act as a catalyst to evolve the traditional Japanese culture.


General Producer Mr. Kenji Kohashi’s thoughts

  1. What are your thoughts now that you have finished the second-ever STAR ISLAND?
  2. This time the pressure was much crazier. We wanted to make an even more amazing show, so for the past few months we were have been trying to come up with ways to make a better show than last year. We pondered and sometimes even quarreled with colleagues and team members, just for this moment.


Now, we are still in the phase where it does not feel like a huge success or like a big failure. This was only the second event, and we feel like there is much more that we can do.


  1. Are there any future prospects?
  2. Of course, we would like to hold a third show here at Odaiba.


Also, there are canvases, not only in Odaiba, but also in various other places in the world. I would like to dye those canvases, and connect with all the sceneries in the world.


We don’t want to stay in Japan, but take this new kind of culture to other countries in the world.


Music Director and 3D Sound Designer Mr. Katsuyuki Sato’s thoughts

  1. What are your thoughts now that you have finished the second-ever STAR ISLAND?
  2. We were able to experience what it is really like when you seriously try to spread information into the world.


  1. Are there any future prospects?
  2. I would like to prepare something for all those people who came here that will impress them again, and then share that experience with them here at STAR ISLAND.

General Manager Mr. Shigeyoshi Sakamoto’s (Avex Entertainment Co., Ltd.) thoughts

  1. What was the reaction like from the visitors?
  2. Everyone was smiling, and I really felt a happy aura coming from everyone.
  3. Are there any future prospects?

I want to create a STAR ISLAND tradition that will continue on, not just next year or the year after that, but even when I’m dead.


I would like everyone to expect that the show will keep on improving steadily year after year.


Various celebrities came to see “STAR ISLAND 2018”, as well.

The organizers probably received many smiles and joyful cheers from people who come to enjoy the show every year, as well as from those who saw the show for the first time.


We are looking forward to next year’s “STAR ISLAND”.


Future Hanabi Entertainment “STAR ISLAND 2018”


Date: May 26, 2018 (Saturday)

Venue: Tokyo Odaiba Star Island

General Producer: Kenji Kohashi


Firework Production: Marutamaya Ogatsu Fireworks Co., Ltd.

Supervised by: STAR ISLAND Execution Committee