[:en]Kanmon Straits is located at the northernmost tip of Kyushu island in Japan, and serves to divide Kyushu and Honshu. Suddenly a giant crab-octopus-poisonous-pufferfish monster “Kaisendon” attacks and terrorizes the area! This promotional movie was created by the same visual effects team as the feature movie, “Shin Godzilla”, the latest installment in a long line of Godzilla films. “Kaisendon”, the scary monster, is a combination of a “crab”, “octopus” and “puffer fish” which incidentally, are specialty foods found in the Kanmon Straits. The movie shows the dynamic and powerful currents of the Kanmon Straits with beautiful scenery.






What kind of place is Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture?

Kitakyushu City was created when the 5 towns of Moji, Kokura, Yawata, Tobata and Wakamatsu merged to become the first mega city with over million people in Kyushu. It has been known since then as an industrial city and as The entrance city of the Kyushu island. The city is surrounded by the sea and mountains, and has uncountable fun spots to see, great food, activities and more!




Access to Kitakyushu

Arriving by airplane:
Approximately 1h 45 mins from Haneda Airport to Kitakyushu Airport. It takes 35 mins from the airport to Kokura station by bus.


Arriving by train:
Approximately 5 hrs from Tokyo station to Kokura station by bullet train.


Arriving by highway bus:
Approximately 13 hrs from Tokyo station to Kokura station.




Must see:

Mojiko Retro

Mojiko is the terminal port area that has been redeveloped as an international port much like Yokohama and Kobe. Within this area is the Mojiko Retro district, which has become the most popular place in the Kanmon Straits area. The district consists of many nice old buildings from Meiji Period, and has many shops and restaurants. A tour of the Kanmon area by ferry or via the Kanmon tunnel is one of the most popular activities, and strolling through Mekari Park one can find many photogenic spots! There are observation places in the park such as Norfolk Square where you can enjoy the breathtaking scenery of the straits. Also, you can stop by a small shrine called Mekari Shrine in the same area. If you are interested in Japanese history, you can visit Ganryujima island by ferry, where two famous samurai, Musashi Miyamoto and Kojiro Sasaki, had a duel.




Must eat:

Mojiko’s original baked curry

Kitakyushu is blessed with great food. One of these is Mojiko’s unique baked curry and rice. Topped with shredded cheese, boiled eggs and more ingredients, the ingredients are baked in the oven. There are many restaurants and each offers their own recipe.




Must buy:

Neji Choco (nuts and bolts shaped chocolate)

Yawata Steel Works and its related facilities in Kitakyushu City were listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and since thenx Neji Choco was created for souvenir with ideas by citizen. These nuts and bolts come in two flavors: chocolate and cocoa. The cocoa ones look rusty with cocoa powder. One other thing: the nuts and bolts are working parts!





Kitakyushu-ben is spoken around these parts. The dialects of Fukuoka Prefecture are classified into Eastern dialect, Western dialect and Southern dialect and Kitakyushu-ben belongs to the Eastern dialect family.


Kashiwa … Chicken

cha … adding “cha” to the end of a sentence for slight emphasis

yaken / yake  … that is why, since, therefore, so

karau / karuu … to carry something on one’s back

naosu … organizing stuff, to put something back

harakaku … to get irritated, to get angry


Why don’t you visit Kitakyushu, a place full of great food and fun places?




“Gururich! KitaQshu” Kitakyushu city official tourism information site.






































“世界遺産のある街・北九州市”のお土産として市民からのアイデアで製鉄所の鉄をイメージした、ボルトとナットの形のチョコレート。「ネジチョコ ココア」は、ココアパウダーで錆びた鉄の質感を出しており、さらにボルトとナットのチョコレートは、実際に締めることができるオモシロお菓子です。







かしわ … 鶏肉

~っちゃ … 語尾につけて軽い強調を表します。

~やけん、~やけ … ~だから、~なので。

からう、かるう … 背負う

なおす … 片づける、しまう

腹かく … 苛立つ、腹が立つ