I went to a restaurant located in Shibuya where has started the very first Vegetarian restaurant  in Japan.

You may think that all customers are vegetarians but the answer is no,  most of them eat meat and fish.  They just like to have vegetarian food sometimes.  (I totally feel the same way that’s why I dropped by)



It’s a natural food restaurant so no additives, no preservatives, no MSG, absolutely nothing!

Today’s special 4 curries were Dal, Mung beans, Aloo gobi are vegan and kashmir  used dairy)

All of them was fantastic.

It’s buffet style and the price is only 1080 yen.  I know now you feel like having Indian food!

There are restaurants in Ginza, Minamiaoyama,Ogikubo, and Tateshina.



Milan Nataragi


Lunch Buffet(Weekdays 11:30 a.m.~3:00p.m.)(90 min)

・Today’s special 4 different types of curry
(Main curry、sweet curry、soup curry、beans curry)
・Wild yeast naan bread 、Wild yeast vegan naan bread
 (no egg, no milk)
・Turmeric rice
All you can eat・・・1,080 yen 

Child  3~9 years old ・・・540 yen

Under 2 years old・・・ Free[:ja]


日本で初めて菜食レストランを開いた、ミラン ナタラジ渋谷店に行ってきました。











Milan Nataragi




お子様 3歳~9歳 ・・・540円(税込)
2才以下 無料[:]