In 1996, the Environment Agency at the time (later the Ministry of the Environment) invited the public to join the selection for “a sound environment (soundscape) that people want to leave for the future generations and cherish as the symbol of each region of the country”. Based on the screening and selection conducted by the Japan Soundscape Study Group, we will introduce the “100 Soundscape of Japan” found to be significant in preserving the sound environment.



Shomyo Falls of Toyama Prefecture

From clear stream of the sacred Tateyama mountain range to towering waterfalls dropping 350 meters. Surrounded by a 500 meter-high cliff, “Akushironokabe”, the roaring sound of the “Shomyo Falls” attracts visitors.




●Location: Ashikuraji, Nakaniikawagun Tateyamamachi, Toyama Prefecture

●Access: About 20 minutes from Tateyama Station on the Toyama Local Railway, take a bus and get off at the “Shomyo Falls” stop.

●Category: Inland Water

●Season: From late April to the end of November

●Place: Takimidai Lookout



Source: Japan’s Ministry of the Environment