Museums from unusual themes to old-school where you can learn about history are dotted in Kitakyushu city. Tired of major tourist spots? Want to know well-kept-secret places? Need to change the schedule due to rain? Here are some museums I highly recommend.



Access to Kitakyushu



“Kyushu Railway History Museum” – learn and enjoy the history of the railway


The Kyushu Railway History Museum is in the Mojiko retro district. You can learn while enjoying the history of the railway. Built in the Meiji period, the red brick main building is a realistic experience-type facility with trains that were previously in service and a driving simulator where you can experience driving on the route.



The “Kitakyushu Museum of National History & Human History”— learn about natural history and general history, one of the largest museums in western Japan


This is the museum, ranked 5th in the “Top 20 Best museums in Japan 2018”, where you can learn about natural history and general history, which is one of the largest in Western Japan. A highly entertaining exhibition, where you can learn about the history of creatures and nature while having fun with realistic dinosaur models moving. The diorama that recreates the ancient Kitakyushu, a restored Yayoi residence, and an exhibition of designated tangible cultural properties are also worth seeing.




Kitakyushu Municipal Museum of Art, Riverwalk Gallery” in Riverwalk Kitakyushu


River Walk Kitakyushu is a large commercial facility, a 10-minute walk from Kokura Station. Inside the facility, there is the Kitakyushu Municipal Museum of Art, covering a very large area of Tobata-ku, Kitakyushu City. It is an urban gallery where you can enjoy a variety of special exhibitions from time to time. If you’re sightseeing on a rainy day, you can enjoy shopping, gourmet food, and theater at Riverwalk Kitakyushu. * The photo is the main building.




“Matsumoto Seicho Memorial Museum” – experience a wide range of creative activities


Seicho Matsumoto, a legendary writer of modern Japan representing Kitakyushu. This is a memorial museum where you can learn about the life of Seicho and exhibits of his works created in the life as the writer for about 40 years. Not only can you learn about a wide range of his creative work, but also learn the background, such as recreating his den and library from his home. It is a place where not only fans but anyone can enjoy the work of Seicho Matsumoto.




If you are a manga fan, you definitely want to visit! “Kitakyushu Manga Museum”


You can see a wide range of works by the honorary director Reiji Matsumoto and the work of cartoonists related to Kitakyushu City. In the reading corner, you can freely read about 50,000 different comics, amazed by many manga fans.




Moji Telecommunication Retro Museum” for the whole family


You can see all the valuable materials from Meiji to Heisei era, the history and technology of telegraph telephones we use without much attention. There is no doubt that it brings back memories for adults, and children will have fresh and brand new discoveries. You can also experience a telephone operator. Admission is free.




“Idemitsu Museum of Arts (Moji)” exhibiting the Idemitsu Collection


The Idemitsu Museum of Art (Moji), located in Mojiko Retro District, showcasing the Idemitsu collection accumulated by Sazo Idemitsu. The exhibition is full of highlights, with a huge number of arts collected by Sazo Idemitsu, as well as Japanese calligraphy, Chinese and Japanese ceramics. Many collections are from the Edo period, and many historically valuable arts are on display. The various artworks are enjoyable for everyone and are definitely worth seeing.


Why don’t you enjoy valuable artworks in Kitakyushu city, rich in history and culture?