This promotional movie also features beautiful places in Okagaki-machi town such as Narita-san-fudo-ji Temple and specialty fruits, to tell us the fascination of the town.



Access to Okagaki-machi town


Arrived by airplane:

Approximately 2hrs from Haneda Airport to Fukuoka Airport. About an hour drive from Fukuoka Airport to the center of Okagaki-machi town.


Arriving by train:

Appoximately 5 hrs from Tokyo station to Hakata station by bullet train. About 40 mins from Hakata Station to Ebitsu Station by JR Kagoshima Main Line.




Okagaki-machi town with rich nature with both mountains and sea




Okagaki-machi town is surrounded by mountains and sea, and has many places with rich nature. Sanri-matsubara, the beautiful pine tree forest, is known as a place sea turtles come to the beach to lay eggs. Mt. Yukawa is also a nice scenic spot to see Sanri-matsubara. Hatsu Beach is popular for tourists especially surfers. There are many restaurants and accommodations by the beach that serve dishes with fresh seafood. Cycling on the beach is another good way to enjoy the scenery.



The fascination of the town is not only the nature. Over 100 year-old Red brick arch, one of the oldest railway remains in Kyushu, is a landmark of the town and is cultural property of the town. Trains used to run on this retro bricks at the time.



Takakura Shrine is well known as sacred place with good luck is also a popular sightseeing spot where has a history of 1800 years. Prefectural cultural property copper made Bishamonten statue and 700 year-old Japanese cedar tree can be seen. Okagaki-machi town has more photogenic places such as Naritasan-fudo-ji Temple and more.



A town of fresh seafood and fruits



Seasonal fresh fruits can be eaten in Okagaki-machi town throughout a year such as loquats, grapes, strawberries, citrus and more. Of course fruit picking is a popular activity in the town. Also, fresh seafood from Hatsu fishing port is must-eat when visiting the town.



Why don’t you experience the great nature in Okagaki-machi town which is surrounded by beautiful mountains and sea?



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