Nagasaki was the only place where opened the door to the world in the Edo Period. This promotional movie introduces a post-town called Iizuka-shuku on Nagasaki Kaido Road which connected between Nagasaki and Kokura. There still remains some of the same old townscape as it was.



There is a place called “The Holland Yashiki Ruins” where Siebold stayed. You can see the old Nagasaki Kaido Road with an automaton clock in the city. Nagasaki Kaido Road is also called Sugar Road because there are many famous sweets that are introduced in the movie. The movies shows us many must-see places such as Noso Hachimangu Shrine where is the origin of the city’s name and Kaho Theater.




Access to Iizuka City


Arriving by airplane:
Approximately 2hrs from Haneda Airport to Fukuoka Airport. About a 55 min bus ride from Fukuoka Airport Domestic Flight Terminal North to Iizuka Bus Terminal.


Arriving by train:
Approximately 5 hrs from Tokyo station to Hakata station by bullet train. Another 40 mins from Hakata Station to Shin Iizuka Station by Fukuhoku Yutaka Line.




Iizuka City the town of coal mining

Kaho Theater


Iizuka City flourished as a post-town in the Edo Period and as a town of coal mining in the modern period. There remains a lot of sightseeing spots where we can feel the history. Kaho Theater is one of them opened in 1931. It’s a Kabuki style theater and a tour is available when on days have no performance.



Denemon Ito Residence


Another historical building is Old Denemon Ito Residence. Denemon is known as a king of coal mining in Chikuho Region.Free tour of Old Matsuki Soy Sauce store is available where was designated as cultural property of Iizuka City.



Iizuka City Historical Museum

If you are interested in history, Iizuka City Historical Museum is highly recommended. Also, Iizuka City has places where you can feel the nature like parks and mounds.




Interesting local tastes of Iizuka City


Iizuka Legendary Hormone is the best foodie in the city. Hormone (grilled offal) had been loved by workers at the coal farm because it was believed that hormone gave them energy. Currently Iizuka Legendary Hormone Association has been trying to let people know about it as a city’s specialty.

Mikaku-yaki looks like Tako-yaki but doesn’t have octopus inside. It’s the food to enjoy the dough.

Iizuka has many famous sweets and Hiyoko, the popular souvenir of Fukuoka, was originally born in the city.Other specialties of Iizuka are Shiro Okowa which Siebold ate and whale cuisine.


Why don’t you take a tour of history in Iizuka City where flourished as a post-town and a town of coal mining?


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