This promotional movie is a version of history and culture of “Itoshima Study” which was shoot by a drone to show fascinating sceneries of Itoshima City. Children live in Itoshima area can learn its history and culture from the movie.



Shimenawa (Sacred rope) festival at Sakurai-Futamigaura is one of the most famous event in Itoshima. It is a traditional event that Shimenawa as for 30m in length, 1t in weight, is tied up to the Meotoiwa rock, and it is replaced with new one in the “Meotoiwa rock Shime-nawa festival” which is held every year on the day of the flood tide of from April to May. Especially the dusk is very beautiful.


Access to Itoshima City


Arrived by airplane:

Approximately 2hrs from Haneda Airport to Fukuoka Airport. About 45 min drive from Fukuoka Airport to the center of Itoshima City.


Arriving by train:

Appoximately 5 hrs from Tokyo station to Hakata station by bullet train. About 40 mins from Hakata City to Chikuzen-Maehara station by Fukuoka City subway.




Itoshima is just like a resort with full of nature



Itoshima, only 30 minutes away from the center of Fukuoka City, has beautiful coast line with rich nature. One of the prefectural best scenic places Sakurai Futamigaura can’t be missed when visiting Itoshima. It’s a part of Sakurai Shrine, the prefectural cultural property, and thought a sacred place where the beautiful sunset can be seen.


Another must-see place is Shiraito-no-taki waterfalls. The water drops 24 meters into the river where is popular for fishing and flowing somen noodles.





Sennyo-ji Temple has a history of 1300 years where is located on Mt. Raizan is known as a best place to feel the beautiful nature. There is a 400 year-old maple tree which is designated as a prefectural natural monument. Autumn leaves can be seen in the autumn, beautiful green can be enjoyed in summertime and national and prefectural important cultural properties can be seen at the temple.




Also, the national natural monument “Keya-no-ooto” can’t be missed which is one of the three great Genbudo caves. Taking a boat from Keya fishing port is the best way to see the dynamic scenery.



Nigi-no-hama is a 6 kilo meters long beach that connects “Keya-no-ooto” and Nogita is listed as one of Japan’s 100 best white sand pine tree beach. It is said the most beautiful beach with white sand, green pine trees and blue sea in Fukuoka Prefecture.




Itoshima is rich in fresh food


The best specialty of Itoshima where faces Genkainada Sea is fresh seafood. Especially Oysters and Red sea breams which is the top catch in Japan are famous. Itoshima is getting known as one of the best foodie place in Fukuoka Prefecture where not only seafood but also tasty meat dishes and more can be eaten at nice and cozy cafes and restaurants recently.



Why don’t you enjoy both varieties of activities and excellent food at Itoshima?



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