[:en]In Fukuoka Prefecture, a lot of ruins of the ancient era were excavated and the investigations and the excavation and researching are very active. The promotional movie introduces Kyushu Historical Museum where the history of Kyushu Region and Fukuoka Prefecture can be learned. Not only museum but also their workshops and lectures are popular as well.



It is an important facility for exhibits of cultural properties, restoring excavations, and researching historical excavations by using the latest technology. Don’t you want to learn the changes of the history of Japan?

Access to Ogori City

Arriving by airplane:
Approximately 2hrs from Haneda Airport to Fukuoka Airport. About a 40 min drive from Fukuoka Airport to Ogori City.Arriving by train:
Approximately 5 hrs from Tokyo station to Hakata station by bullet train. About 11 mins from the airport to Tenjin Station by Fukuoka City Subway. Another 40 mins from Nishitetsu-Tenjin Station to Nishitetsu-Ogori Station by Nishitetsu-Tenjin-Omuta Line.

A town of Tanabata, Ogori City

Tanabata Shrine

There is a shrine called Tanabata Shrine where the Tanabata ( legend of romance between Orihime and Hikoboshi) legend is said to have originated. Ogori City is known as a town of Tanabata because of many Tanabata related things such as a picture book named “New Tanabata Legend” , monthly Tanabata event on 7th of every month. Summer festival is held every August 7th at Tanabata Shrine that many people visit.

Onakatomi Shrine is famous for 650-year-old Shogun Fuji wisteria which is prefectural natural monument. The wisteria is beautifully lit up and attracts many visitors at Shogun Fuji festival which is held every April.

Nyoirinji Temple

Nyoirinji Temple, also known as “Kaeru (frog) temple” is like a frog theme park where has over 2000 frog monuments.

There are some historical ruins in Ogori City such as village scenery of Yayoi Period can be seen at Misawa Ruins, Ogori Kanga Ruins where used be an important government facility in Nara Period, Kamiiwata Ruins where had made from Jomon Period to Heian Period.


Also, Hatago Aburaya which was built in Edo Period is a very popular spot for tourists because the place is thought a model of a movie named “Sen and Chihiro Spirited Away”.

Traditional duck cuisine in Ogori City

Ogori City has many rural districts and many ducks can be seen. The duck cuisine has been eaten for a long time in Ogori City. It used to be popular homemade cuisine but it can be eaten at traditional duck cuisine restaurants recently. The duck cuisine at Ogori City is very famous and many people visit the city to taste it from all over Japan.


Why don’t you visit Ogori City to learn the history of Fukuoka Prefecture?


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