[:en]While lots of buildings stand in the urban areas of Nagano City, nature lays a short distance from them, which makes the city even more attractive. The film also appeals its easy accessibility from Tokyo.



Most of Nagano Prefecture’s sightseeing spots gather in the Northern area, where Nagano City is located and which attracts many of its tourists. The city has been developing as a temple town around Zenkoji Temple since long ago. Since it lays in a basin, there is a wide difference in temperature within the city. Snowy areas lay in the North, but not so many in the southern urban areas. Nagano City was chosen as the Winter Olympics’ host city in 1998.

Access Information to Nagano City

By Bus:
5 hours from Tokyo to Nagano Station.
By Train:
1.5 hours from Tokyo to Nagano Station by bullet train.

Must-Go Spots in Nagano City!

Zenkoji Temple
It is a quite historic temple built in the year of 644. One of the reasons for its popularity in Japan, is because of its unique characteristic of not having a specific religious belief, and for accepting women as disciples over the years. There are many must-see spots such as the main hall and the Niomon (Deva) gate where the Kongo Rikishi (Deva king) statues stand. Along the approach to the temple, there are many shops where you can enjoy its remaining historical atmosphere.


Kawanakajima Kosenjo (The Old Battlefield of Kawanakajima)
One of the most famous battles during the Sengoku Period (the Age of Civil Wars) was between Shingen Takeda and Kenshin Uesugi in Kawanakajima. In Nagano City, the place where Shingen Takeda’s army headquarters were said to be is now open as a public historic park. In Hachiman Shrine, which is next to the park, there is a statue representing Shingen Takeda and Kenshin Uesugi’s man-to-man fight.

Must-Try Foods in Nagano City!

Oyaki is a flour dumpling stuffed with vegetables or soy beans that are baked or steamed. It is a traditional food popular among households in the North of the prefecture, including Nagano City. Nowadays, it has become well-known as one of the prefecture’s specialties, becoming a common food throughout locals.

Togakushi Soba Noodles
Togakushi Soba is one of the three most well-known soba noodles in Japan, including Iwate Prefecture’s Wanko Soba and Shimane Prefecture’s Izumo Soba. The secret of its delicious buckwheat is the clear water running and the extreme temperature change during the days and nights. Grinding the soba seeds together with the husk, known as “Hikigurumi,” is a special characteristic of the Togakushi Soba, which lets us enjoy the buckwheat’s rich aroma and taste. Togakushi Daikon radish is used as a topping, making the noodles even tastier.


Nagano City, where tourism flourishes around Zenkoji Temple, will surely fascinate you by its unique cuisine and nature.