[:en]Located among mountains, throughout the years, deer and monkeys have been damaging crops in Yasuoka Village. The film illustrates a woman hunter, who promotes ways to make the most out of the animals that she hunts. As difficult as it may be for people in big cities to understand, the film transmits her affection for those lost lives.

Surrounded by mountains in the South of Nagano Prefecture, more than 80% of Yasuoka Village is occupied by mountains and forests. The village co-exists with nature, having the Tenryu River flow in its northern area. Within the areas that villagers live, there is a difference of 450m in altitude, where various kinds of flora can be found. Its difficult village name “泰阜 = Yasuoka” originates in the Chinese poetry “泰山丘阜 = Taizankyufu”, symbolizing its vast nature and the toughness of its villagers.

Access Information to Yasuoka Village

By Train:
Take an hour 40 minute ride from Tokyo to Nagoya Station by bullet train. It is 50 minutes from Nagoya to Toyohashi Station, taking the JR Tokaido Main Line Special Rapid Service train. From Toyohashi to Nukuta Station, it is a 3 hour 10 minute ride using the JR Iida Line’s Local train.

Must-Go Spots in Yasuoka Village!

Tamoto Station
It is a railway station in JR Iida Line. Since it is surrounded by mountains and people can only go by foot, it is a so-called “secluded station.” With only one platform doorway, down the cliff in its opposite side, flows the Tenryu River. The train stops every 2 hours, and in order to get to where the villages live, you need to walk a rough mountain path for 20 minutes. You will surely enjoy the superb view and realize the villager’s toughness for building a station in such place.

Sakuramoto Park
Here, you can find a huge 250-year-old Edohigan cherry blossom tree. Although there aren’t flowery rows of cherry trees to see, this one transmits strong vitality to its visitors. Every year in mid-April, flowers bloom at its best.

Sakyogawa Hyakunen Park
This park lays on the sandbank between rivers Sakyogawa and Sekigawa. There is a fishing pond where you can fish and eat Amago trout (red spotted masu trout). You can also enjoy playing a golf-like game using mallets instead of clubs, going rafting, walking, and other activities surrounded by nature.

Must-Buy Souvenirs in Yasuoka Village!

Yubeshi is a steamed and naturally seasoned sweet, made with fresh yuzu (citron fruit) filled with sesame, walnuts, miso and glutinous rice powder. It is a specialty that matches alcohol and green tea. Kakimaki, which is the combination of Yubeshi and persimmon is also another specialty of the region.

Everything in this village can be a sightseeing spot where you can experience the beauty and harshness of its nature at once.