[:en]The video features a man who visits Hiranai Town, and is told the good sides of the town, making him gradually love the town. The video focuses on the fact that the town has a good environment for raising children, but the sequel video introduces the appearance of the town.



Located almost in the center of Aomori Prefecture, Hiranai Town, on a slightly protruding piece of land south of Mutsu Bay, which is a bay formed by two peninsulas. The town can be accessed easily, since it’s located next to Aomori City, which has the closest Shinkansen train station, as well as an airport. Hiranai Town is known as the place where scallop aquaculture started, and even today the scallop industry supports the town. The charm of Hiranai Town are its many tourist spots where you can experience nature, such as the beautiful coast, the ski resort and parks. It is said that the city name comes from the Ainu language word “piranai”, which means “the land of rivers that run between two mountains”.

Access to Hiranai Town

Arriving by plane:
Approx. 1 hour 15 min. from Haneda Airport to Aomori Airport, then approx. 35 min. from Aomori Airport to the front of Aomori Station by an airport shuttle bus, and finally approx. 30 min. from Aomori Station to Kominato Station (the town center) by a local train via the Aoimori Railway Line.

Arriving by train:
Approx. 3 hours from Tōkyō Station to Hachinohe Station by a Shinkansen train, and then approx. 1 hour from Hachinohe Station to Kominato Station by a local train via the Aoimori Railway Line.

Must-see Spots to Visit When Visiting Hiranai Town

Asadokoro Beach
From the end of autumn until spring, around 800 swans nest on this beach. It is the only place in Japan that has been designated a natural moment for the observation of swans. Many photographers are mesmerized by the swans, who have come all the way from Siberia, to nest on this beautiful beach.

Tsubakiyama・Tsubakiyama Beach
The mountains get covered by bright red common camellias from the end of May until June. The place has been designated as a natural moment in Japan for being the northernmost area where common camellias grow wild. Right next to Tsubakiyama is Tsubakiyama Beach. In summer you can swim on this beautiful beach that was selected as one of “Japan’s 100 Great Beaches”.

Must-eat Dishes to Order When Visiting Hiranai Town

You can’t come to Hiranai Town, and not eat scallops. At “Scallop Square” (jap. Hotate Hiroba), besides scallops, you can enjoy fresh seafood, in the form of unique creative cuisines like curry, rāmen, and sushi. There are also snacks that have scallops kneaded into them, making for a great souvenir.

The Dialect of Hiranai Town

The Tsugaru dialect, used in Hiranai Town, has such unique language culture that it sounds like a foreign language even to Japanese people.

“Wa”…I, me
“Maine”…No good, not allowed.

Hiranai Town, with its beautiful scenery and delicious scallops, is a town that will satisfy both your mind and stomach.















私 ・・・ わ
だめ ・・・ まいね