[:en]Forest bathing therapy is getting popular nationwide in Japan now. Green Pia Yame is a facility to experience the forest bathing therapy where has 3 therapy courses which are taking acorn road, walking course to spring and small island and alley of sasa bamboo and a lake. Why don’t you heal yourself in the great nature with negative ions?



It’s the perfect place to enjoy walking and see the beautiful scenic spots. Also, eating the healthy bento box made with special ingredients from Yame City is excellent after walking! Green Pia Yame is great place to feel the nature where has accommodations and hot springs.

Access to Yame City

Arriving by airplane:
Approximately 2hrs from Haneda Airport to Fukuoka Airport. About an hour drive from Fukuoka Airport to the center of Yame City.

Arriving by train:
Approximately 5 hrs from Tokyo station to Hakata station by bullet train. About 30 mins from Hakata Station to Hainuzuka Station by JR Kagoshima Main Line. Another 20 min bus ride from Hainuzuka Station to Yame City by Horikawa bus.

Historical townscape with rich nature

“Kurokino Ofuji”

Yame City is famous for beautiful tea plantation and also known as a place where beautiful seasonal flowers can be seen. A lot of people gather at Tanigawa Bairin (plum trees) to see 30,000 of white plum flowers every February. In March, canola flowers can be seen at Yabegawa, Cherry blossoms at Kitakawachi Park and Hyugami Dam in April and in May, azalea at Hoshino Furusato Park, rhododendron at Miyashino rhododendron Park, lotus flower at Onogosatoyaki and 600-year-old wisteria called “Kurokino Ofuji” can be seen in the city. Also, cosmos, cluster amaryllis, hydrangea and more different flowers can be seen in the city throughout a year.


Yame-Fukushima area is a must see spot where old townscape of Edo Period can be seen. It’s a popular sightseeing course because there are many famous authors and artists related to this place.

In Yame City, many stone bridges were built from Meiji Period to Taisho Period. There still 48 bridges remain and the scenery with those bridges and nature are loved by tourists.

Tea is the specialty of Yame

Tea has always been close to the life, history, traditions and culture of Yame. The place is blessed to grow high quality tea leaves and it’s famous nationwide. Yame City has been the largest producer of Gyokuro tea for 11 years in Japan.

There are many traditional sweets perfectly match with tea in Yame City. Goroshi , looks like Yaseuma which is traditional sweets from Oita is made with flour and eaten with brown sugar syrup and roasted soybean flour. Also, Funayaki which is like rolled crepe has brown sugar inside and Potato manju which has yum rolled with dough are loved locally.


It’s excellent having tea after learning history of Yame and enjoying nature in the city.


Fukuoka prefecture Sightseeing information

 [:ja]今、日本では全国的に森林セラピーが話題になっています。 グリーンピア八女 には、どんぐり拾いの小道、泉と小島への散歩道、熊笹と湖の小道の3つのセラピーロードがあります。大自然の中で、マイナスイオンをいっぱい感じて癒されてみませんか?



美しい自然の風景を楽しめる絶景スポットもあり、ウォーキングを満喫できます。森林で癒された後に食べる八女市の食材をふんだんに使ったヘルシー弁当は絶品! 宿泊施設や温泉もあり、ゆっくり滞在して大自然を感じられる施設です。