[:en]This promotional movie introduces Asakura City where still remains places related to a general Kanbe Kuroda. Akizuki domain was flourished by people who worked for Kanbe Kuroda. The movie shows us the best places to visit in Asakura City.



There are many must-see places related to Kurodas such as Ensei-ji where Kanbe Kuroda sleeps, Akizuki area with beautiful nature, Akizuki Castle Ruin, Megane-bashi Bridge that was built in 1810 and more. Especially Akizuki where is national important preservation district of historic buildings can’t be missed.

Access to Asakura City

Arriving by airplane:
Approximately 2hrs from Haneda Airport to Fukuoka Airport. About 50 min drive from Fukuoka Airport to Amagi Station.
Arriving by train:
Approximately 5 hrs from Tokyo station to Hakata station by bullet train. About 25 mins from Hakata Station to Kiyama Station by JR Kagoshima Main Line and another 25 mins from Kiyama Station to Amagi Station by Amagi Line.

Akizuki, the little Kyoto of Chikuzen region

Akizuki castle town

Akizuki where is national important preservation district of historic buildings has amazing townscape that makes us forget about our actual daily life. You would feel like you are in the old era when you walk around the castle town. Akizuki Castle Ruins where was featured in the promotional movie is famous for the autumn leaves and a lot of people visit to see it. If you are interested in the history of Asakura, Asakura City Akizuki Museum would be the best place to see many important historical exhibits. Also the building of the museum is worth to see.


A sanren-suisha

Akizuki-Hachimangu Shrine is another must-see place with old nice building. Old Kuno Residence is also important historical place where was a house of a samurai worked for Nagaoki Kuroda, the 1st master of Akizuki-Kuroda domain. It is valuable in verifying the layout of the house at the time. A sanren-suisha, triple scoop wheel is also a popular for tourists which is the oldest working water wheel in Japan. It was made approximately 350 years ago.

Harazuru-onsen is famous hot springs in the city which is the perfect place to heal your fatigue.

A traditional steamed zoni (the soup with rice cakes and vegetable) in Asakura City

In Edo Period, chawan-mushi (steamed eggs with vegetable) was carried in Nagasaki and Fukuoka domain and then Asakura City after that. It is said that zoni, the special food for the New year, and eggs, the valuable food at that time were combined, and it’s the roots of the steamed zoni. It became a special local dish and there are many restaurants serve it. Each restaurant has their own recipe such as Chinese style, cheese flavor and more various unique flavors.


Let’s eat steamed zoni after strolling the townscape of the Edo Period.


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