[:en]Kaizu City used to suffer from floods but was able to overcome the problem thanks to the efforts of our ancestors. Nowadays the city has utilized the water and achieved rapid development. There are plenty of tourist spots that make use of the plentiful water resources.



Kaizu City is located in the south-western part of Gifu Prefecture. A very large part of the city is located 0 meters above the sea level. The confluence point of the Kiso Three Rivers Kiso River, Nagara River, and Ibi River is located within the town, and for a long time it caused many floods. But through various schemes, like building a dike to surround the whole settlement, people have been able to avoid flood disasters. Through flood-control works built by warriors of Satsuma Domain, and construction work by the Dutch civil engineer Johanni de Rijke, the city was able to overcome the flood disasters, and nowadays the city utilizes the blessings of water in agriculture and tourism.


Access to Kaizu City

Arriving by plane:
Approx. 1 hour from Haneda Airport to Nagoya Airport, then approx. 1 hour 30 min. from Nagoya Airport to the front of Nagoya Station by an airport shuttle bus, and finally approx. 1 hour 30 min. from Meitetsu Bus Center to Kaizu City Hall by a Meitetsu bus, changing bus at Meishin-Ōgaki after approx. 1 hour.

Arriving by train:
Approx. 1 hour 40 min. from Tōkyō Station to Nagoya Station by a Shinkansen train, then approx. 30 min. from Nagoya Station to Ōgaki Station by a JR Tōkaidō Main Line rapid-service train, and finally approx. 50 min. from the front of Ōgaki Station to Kaizu City Hall by a bus.


Must-see Spots to Visit When Visiting Kaizu City

Chiyobo Inari Shrine
A shrine that worships Inari Ōkami, the god of agriculture. Many people come to the shrine wishing for a good harvest or prosperity in business. The shrine is called one of the three biggest Inari shrines of Japan, and many locals call it “Ochobo-san”. Tsukinami Festival (lit. monthly festival) is held every month, from the last night of the month until the dawn of the next month. During the festival, the shrine becomes busy with many shops that are open throughout the night.


Kiso Sansen Park Center
There is an observation tower within the park, where you have a panoramic view of the Kiso Three Rivers, and the characteristic scenery of the dike region. There is also a museum where you can learn about the history of the Kiso Three Rivers, so you can think about the old days while enjoying the beautiful scenery. There is also a big flower bed within the park, where you can enjoy blooming seasonal flowers like tulips in spring.


Must-eat Dishes to Order When Visiting Kaizu City

The gourmet of the town around Ochobo-san
You can enjoy all types of gourmet in the town around Ochobo-san. In addition to food like freshwater fish cuisine, kusa mochi (a sweet made from sticky rice cake and leaf of yomogi), and Japanese pickled vegetables, restaurants that offer new types of gourmet have increased recently. One of the popular dishes is kushikatsu (deep-fried skewered meat and vegetables), and many restaurants are competing in trying to make the most delicious flavor.


Famous Must-see Festivals To See When Visiting Kaizu City

Tulip Festival

A festival that is held at Kiso Sansen Park Center. The large flower bed that has 210 thousand tulips of 180 different species is absolutely stunning. The festival is held every year from March until April. Let’s check the schedule and visit this gorgeous festival.


Kaizu City overcame the terrors of water, and now it lives in harmony with water. It really gives you a good sense of how amazing things people are capable of.