[:en]The video is about the rich nature and warm hearted people of Kasama healing a man who’s tired of urban life casually visiting the city. It introduces popular places such as Kasama Inari Shrine and Azalea Park.



Kasama is located at the heart of Ibaraki prefecture and has developed as a temple town of Hasama Inari Shrine. Hasama is known for famous pottery called Hasama-ware which is made of its high quality soil. It is also famous for chestnut production and the planted area and the amount of production are the best among the country.

Access to Kasama-shi

By Train:
Approxi. an hour and 10 min by JR limited express from Tokyo Station to Tomobe Station. And it is approx. ten min by JR Mito Line local train from Tomobe Station to Kasama Station.

By Car:
From the Tokyo area is approx. one hour to the city area via Joban Expressway, Kita Kanto Expressway.

When you come to Kasama, some sites you really should visit

Kasama Inari Shrine
It is a Shrine dedicated for “Inari God” which is for praying for good harvest and thriving business and is counted as one of the three major Japanese Inari Shrine. The area has developed as their Shrine developed. Although the main shrine was rebuilt in the last years of Edo period, it was first built in year of 651, so the city has developed as the shrine developed. They have visitors throughout the year but it gets crowded especially from January 1st to the 3rd for Hatsumōde (japanese tradition of first visit of the year to a shrine made during the New Year).


They make the water coming from the back side look like two waterfalls coming down in the front. It seems like there are many foreigners coming to stand under the waterfalls for a part of Aikidō training.


Kasama Azalea Park
There is Mt. Fuji in Kasama. It is not the Mt. Fuji, the highest mountain you may think of. It is the 144 meters high small mountain in Hasama city. This Kasama Azalea Park located in the mountain gets filled with approx. 8500 of colorful azaleas from late April to early May. The unique view of the mountain covered in bright red is very popular for tourists as well.

When you come to Kasama, some food you really should try

Inari Sushi
When you think of Inari Shrine, you think of foxes, and when you think of foxes, you think of deep fried bean curd, and when you think of deep fried bean curd, you think of “Inari sushi (deep fried bean curd filled with rice). Kasama Inari Sushi is a unique inari sushi made with buckwheat, walnuts, mushrooms and such of local Kasama products.


Chestnut Dish
There is a shop where you can get food cooked with Hasama Chestnuts which is a special product of Kasama. Chestnuts are autumn products so it’s best if you eat them in the fall but on the city website, you can find “Kasama teku-teku Chestnut Picture Book” which is a pamphlet introducing restaurants and shops where you can get sweets and such for souvenirs.

Famous festivals in Kasama you should see:

Kasama Himatsuri Festival (Fire Festival)
This is a festival of ceramics held from April 29th to May 5th every year. It is said to be the biggest event among Ibaraki prefecture. You would see shops where you can buy Kasama-yaki products and not just the ceramics but the shops themselves will be hand made as well. It is going to be an event filled with unique features of artists.

Oldest Japanese Kiku (Chrysanthemum) Festival
Kasama Kiku Festival is held from end of October to end of November every year. It cerebrated 111th anniversary in 2018. There are chrysanthemums Doll Exhibitions made by specialists and approx. ten thousand chrysanthemums are displayed in the city during the event.

Kasama where has developed as a temple town never stop entertaining you with its chestnuts, ceramics, chysanthemums, Azalea, and more.


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