[:en]This video features the beautiful sea and the sandy beach of Onjuku-machi. You can see how the people enjoy living there. Watching the video makes you want to go spend some peaceful time in Onjuku-machi.



It is a small town located in the southeast of Chiba. It faces the Pacific in the east Onjyuku-machi, Chiba, and a white sandy beach spreads out over approximately 2 km . Many tourists come here in the Summer to enjoy bathing in the sea. Ama, traditional free women diver for seafood are also still seen there harvesting shellfish.

Access to Onjuku-machi

By Train:
It is approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes by JR Limited Express from Tokyo Station to Onjuku Station.

By Bus:
It is approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes by express bus from Tokyo Station to Onjuku-machi public hall.

When you come to Onjuku-machi, some sites you really should visit

The Onjuku shore
The shore line, which runs for 2 km long, is shallow and suitable for sea bathing. It is artificially divided into three beaches, and there is a beach house in each area. There is also a fishing port nearby and special Onjuku-machi products, such as abalone, lobster and red bream can be found here.


Moon’s Desert Memorial & Statue
The Ojuku shore is said to the motif of a poem from a popular children’s song called “Tsuki-no-sabaku (the Moon’s Desert”. There are statues of camels from the song and a memorial close by. At the memorial, work of the songwriter, Masao Kato and some other local writers and painters’ works are displayed.

Mexico Memorial Park

In 1609, Spanish ship, “San Fransisco” went aground off the shore of what is now in Onjuku-machi. The villagers worked together and rescued the crew members. The crew met Shogun Ieyasu Tokugawa, and then returned safely back to Mexico. In 1928, a monument to represent the place as the origin of the relationship between Japan, Mexico and Spain was build at the nearest hill from where the ship grounded. They surrounded the monument with a park and the panoramic view of the town and the sea from the park is gaining popularity.

When you come to Onjuku-machi, some food you really should try:

Sotobou Lobster
Chiba is the Northern most limit for lobster in Japan. Because they have rich food sources, they grow well. You can enjoy them with other seafood, such as abalones and red bream, at restraunts and hotels in the town.


Sotobou Abalones
Chiba is known for special production of abalones throughout Japan, and particularly the abalones from Onjuku-machi and Katsuura-shi are sold under the brand name “Sotobou Abalones”. Please enjoy the taste of the sea nourished in the protected environment of restricted fishery and the protection of the fishing ground.


Onjuku-machi is a wonderful town with a history of saving many foreigners, and it awaits to welcome you with a heart as wide as the sea.