This video is about an investigator who was given a mission to investigate Nose, Osaka. The town is surrounded by mountains which take up most of its land. The video introduces the nature of town and its industry with interviews of the lively people living in the area. Opposed to them describing Nose as “a town that has nothing”, the contents show the charm of the town very well.



Nose is located in the northernmost part of Osaka, and is a town full of nature, which the forest accounts for 80% of the town. There is no train, therefore driving cars is the main transportation in this town. The climate here is special, because the whole town is located at high altitudes, it is cold in the winter and cool in the summer. The sight of the gentle mountain range, the houses along the bottom of the mountains, and the rice field: the sight is represents Japanese Satoyama(undeveloped woodland near populated area), and heals the heart of people visiting the town.




Access to Nose

By Airplane:
Haneda Airport to Osaka (Itami) airport is approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes. Then take the Osaka monorail from Osaka-Airport Station to Hotarugaike Station (approx. 2 min), then take Hankyu Takarazuka Line from Hotarugaike Station to Kawanishi-Noseguchi Station (approx. 10 min), Nose Electric Railway Myouken Line from Kawanishi-Noseguchi Station to Yamashita Station (approx. 15min), and lastly it is approximately 25 minutes by bus from Yamashita Station Mae bus stop to Nose-cho Government Office Mae bus stop.

By Train:
It is approximately two hours 30 minutes by Shinkansen from Tokyo Station to Shin-Osaka Station. And approximately 50 minutes by car from Shin-Osaka Station to the city.




Souvenirs you should get when you come to Nose :

Autumn Deer
This is a Japanese Sake made by a sake brewery in Nose. They are highly esteemed for being devoted to growing rice and brewing sake all by themselves. The sake they make are Junmai Sake, which is sake made without adding extra alcohol and it’s popular because you can taste the best flavor of the rice, and it also goes well with food. Its taste is stable whether served cold or warm. This is the charm of Autumn Deer.



It’s a place where you can feel true nature which you can’t feel in the city, the food nourished by the nature and the warmth of the people.