[:en]The video expresses the compactness of Kudamatsu City with a compact baseball swing. While the city is not that big, it has everything you could wish for, like sea, mountains, and a downtown area. Because people often mistake the pronunciation of the kanji appearing in the town name, it is also emphasized that it is pronounced “Kudamatsu”.



Kudamatsu City is located in the south-eastern part of Yamaguchi Prefecture, facing the Seto Inland Sea to the south. Located in the sea is Kasado Island, which is part of the city. The city developed as an industrial town, and even known there are plenty of factories standing in a row on the coast. The city is famous for being a comfortable place to live in, with there being several large-scale shopping facilities within the city. While Japan as a whole has a declining birth rate, this is one of the rare regions where the population is actually increasing.

Access to Kudamatsu City

Arriving by plane:

Approx. 1 hour 35 min. from Haneda Airport to Yamaguchi Ube Airport, then approx. 30 min. from Yamaguchi Ube Airport to Shin-Yagamuchi Station by an airport shuttle bus, and finally approx. 50 min. from Shin-Yamaguchi Station to Kudamatsu Station by a local train via JR Sanyō Main Line.

Arriving by train:

Approx. 4 hours 15 min. from Tōkyō Station to Tokuyama Station by a Shinkansen train, and then approx. 10 min. from Tokuyama Station to Kudamatsu Station by a local train via JR Sanyō Main Line.


Must-see Spots to Visit When Visiting Kudamatsu City

Kasado Island

Kasado Island, located in the Seto Inland Sea, is a tourist spot, which has recreational facilities and accommodations. Kasado Island is popular for its seaside facilities like “Hanaguri Beach”, which is an artificial seaside resort, and the sea promenade, which is located south to the seaside resort. The island has also many famous scenic spots, like “Yuhi Misaki” (sunset cape), which has a beautiful sunset that can be seen through the opening of Hanaguri Rock, and the beautiful sight of Kasado Bridge, which connects Kasado Island with Honshū (the largest island of Japan).

Must-eat Dishes to Order When Visiting Kudamatsu City

Kasado Hirame

Hirame (Olive flounder) with a tense meat and crunchy texture, that lives in the mild climate and clean water of the Seto Inland Sea. This meaty and oily fish is the pride of Kasado Island. No matter if you eat it as sashimi, sushi, or just fry it, it’s guaranteed to be delicious. Not only are there plenty of these fish that occur naturally, but these fish are also cultivated in large numbers, and these cultivated fish are also very delicious.

Must-get Souvenirs to Buy When Visiting Kudamatsu City

Kurumaki garlic

There has been effort to make this garlic, grown in Kudamatsu City Agriculture Park,

a new local specialty of Kudamatsu City. Besides the garlic itself, there are various processed goods made from the garlic that make for a good souvenir. These include yakiniku (grilled meat) sauce, garlic miso, and garlic senbei (rice cracker).

Famous Must-see Festivals To See When Visiting Kudamatsu City

Fox’s Wedding

This is an event part of Inaho Festival that is held every year on November 3 at Hanaoka Fukutoku Inari Shrine. A bride and groom, dressed up as foxes, parade through the town, accompanied by many companions like relatives.


The compact and charming Kudamatsu City has plenty of things to see.