[:en]This video, which has a theme of today and tomorrow, features a female high school student, who introduces the scenery of Isumi City, while walking around the city. The video puts a spotlight on the citizens who live their lives surrounded by nature.



Isumi City is located in the south-eastern part of Chiba Prefecture, on the Bōsō Peninsula. The eastern part of the city faces the Pacific Ocean, and the inland area is covered with hills. The area has plenty of agriculture that utilizes the mild climate and the rich soil. There is an underground source of iodine in the western part of the city. One fourth of all the iodine that is produced around the world is produced in Isumi City and the surrounding areas.

Access to Isumi City

Arriving by train:
Approx. 1 hour 10 min. from Tōkyō Station to Ōhara Station by a JR limited express train.

Arriving by bus:
Access 1 hour from Haneda Airport to Kamatori Station by an airport shuttle bus, and then approx. 1 hour from Kamatori Station to Ōhara Station by a local train via JR Sotobō Line.

Must-see Spots to Visit When Visiting Isumi City


Taitōsaki Lighthouse

Isumi City has 66 kilometers of beautiful coast, which is also the southern tip of the Kujūkuri Beach (sandy beach). The famous 16-meter-tall Taitōsaki Lighthouse is located on the very southern tip of the coast, on Cape Taitō. There is a stunning panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean, and many tourists go there to view the beautiful sunset, as well.

Ohara Port
Many people visit Ohara Port, which is near JR Ōhara Station, to buy fresh seafood. The port gets especially busy on Sunday mornings, because of “Harbor Morning Market” (jap. Minato no Asaichi), which is held weekly. Ohara Port is a perfect place to buy some delicious local food, such as marine products, and agricultural products that have been harvested in Isumi City, as well as processed goods. There is also a popular place where you can barbeque the stuff you buy on the spot. Ohara Port is also one of the few places in Japan, where you can try roasting and eating a whole Japanese spiny lobster.

Isumi Railway
A local railway that runs from through the center of the city, from the east to the west. The station buildings have an old-timey feel to them, and you can take it easy and enjoy the beautiful views that change from season to season from the train window. It feels like a whole different world, especially for people who are used to crowded commuter trains.

Must-eat Dishes to Order When Visiting Isumi City

Ihachi Meshi
This local delicacy gets its name from the letter “i” of Isumi City and the famous engraver “Ihachi the carver of waves” (jap. Nami no Ihachi), who lived during the Edo period. In order for the dish to be called Ihachi Meshi, it has to use plenty of seasonal seafood and food from the mountains, and most of the ingredients must be from Isumi City. The city has many restaurants where you can enjoy delicious dishes made from seasonal ingredients, such as fresh vegetables, and seafood like Japanese spiny lobster.

Isumi City is a place that has a nostalgic feel to it, one that makes you want to take a picture of even the most normal scenery.