[:en]The promotional movie introduces Ichijodani Asakurashi iseki (Ichijodani Asakura Family Historic Ruins). It is one of Triple designations (Special Historic Place, Speacial Scenic Place and Important Cultural Property) with Kinkaku-ji Temple in Kyoto and Itsukushima Shrine in Hiroshima.



The old townscape as the castle town was almost perfectly rebuilt where makes us feel like time traveled to Sengoku Period.

Access to Fukui City

Arriving by airplane:

Approximately 1h to Osaka-Itami Airport. About 50 min bus ride from Itami Airport to Kyoto Station Hachijo Exit. Another 1h 30 mins from Kyoto Station to Tsuruga Station by JR Hokuriku Main Line Express. 50 mins from Tsuruga Station to Fukui Station by JR Hokuriku Main Line.

Arriving by train:

Approximately 2 hrs 15 mins by bullet train. About 1 h from Maibara Station to Fukui Station by JR Hokuriku Main Line.

Must-see places in dinosaur city, Fukui City

Fukui City is known as dinosaur city because many fossil remains of dinosaur was excavated. There is a huge statue of dinosaur in front of Fukui Station, that surprisingly roars and moves like it’s really alive!! If you are a fan of dinosaur, Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum is the must-see place!

Echizen-Ohno Castle

Fukui has many places with full of nature and historical spots. Echizen-Ohno Castle, also known as “ the castle in the sky”, is one of the most poplar place to visit. The original castle was burnt out in the Edo Period but the castle was rebuilt in 1968. The castle looks mysteriously beautiful when in foggy whether.


Meikyodo is the best natural scenic and photogenic place! Ichijo-daki falls, where is known as Samurai Kojiro Sasaki came up the idea of his special move, is a must-see place as well. It is located on a hill but you can drive to near the falls so both kids and elderly people can enjoy it.

A city where fresh natural ingredients can be enjoyed, Fukui

Echizen-gani crabs


Since Fukui faces Japan Sea, the city is blessed with fresh seafood and marine products. Especially Echizen-gani crabs are the most famous specialty of the city. Seiko-gani crabs, the female ones, are as popular as Echizen-gani because of its eggs inside. Other than seafood, Fukui has more local food such as sauce-katsu-don (Rice bowl with pork cutlet on top with Japanese sauce) and more!


Why don’t you taste Echizen-gani crabs in the city of dinosaur?


Fukui Prefecture Official tourism information site “Fukui Tourism Guide”



















美しい自然に触れるなら、明鏡洞(めいきょうどう)がおすすめ。自然が作り出した絶景は、まさにフォトジェニック! また、佐々木小次郎が必殺技を生み出したと言われる一乗滝(いちじょうだき)も見もの。近くまで車で行くことができるので、小さな子供もお年寄りも楽しむことができます。