It is a video that Maggie Shinji, a popular magician, appears in. While feeling anxious in front of a quiet station at first, starting to notice its charm over various parts of the city as he goes. Please pay attention to the drama that the city’s protector, the dragon deity, saves the people from zombified, and also do not miss the Aichi prefectural governor acting his socks off.



It is located in the south of Aichi Prefecture, facing Chita Peninsula across Chita Bay. It is a city surrounded by water, facing the sea from the west side of the city to the south side, with Aburagafuchi in the north and Yahagi river in the east. It has been developing as the center of industrial area spreading mainly in Kinuura harbor. Traditionally, industries such as tile and brewing industry are also thriving.




Access to Hekinan City

By airplane:
About 1 hour from Haneda Airport to Chubu International Airport. Approximately 30 minutes via toll road Centrair line.

By train:
It takes about 1 hour 40 minutes from Tokyo station to Nagoya station by bullet train. About 20 minutes from Meitetsu Nagoya station to Chiryu station by Meitetsu Express. About 40 minutes from Chiryu station to Hekinan station by local trains of Meitetsu Mikawa line.




Must-eat food in Hekinan city

Hekinan Yakisoba (stir-fried noodles)
It is stir-fried noodles made with carrots and onion of Hekinan City. Since the container is made of rice cracker because of the environmental protection, you can eat the whole thing. Mainly they use white soy sauce, special product of Hekinan. By using more wheat than regular soy sauce, you can feel the unique sweetness and aroma.



It is a place you can enjoy the traditional taste represented by Mirin and sightseeing spots