[:en]Karaage ( Japanese fried chicken ) is absolutely one of the Japanese soul food. Everyone loves Karaage and is eaten nationwide as popular dish of home cooking as well. Nakatsu City is the famous Karaage place but Usa City is the birthplace of shops that specializes in Karaage in Japan.



Also Tori-ten ( chicken tempura ) with vinegar and mustard sauce is soul food of Oita Prefecture. We would love to introduce charms of Usa City where we can enjoy great chicken!

Access to Usa City

Arriving by airplane:
Approximately 1h 35mins from Haneda airport to Oita airport. About an 1hour bus ride from Oita airport to Usa Station.

Arriving by train:
Approximately 4hrs 45mins from Tokyo station to Kokura station by JR Tokaido bullet train. About 50 mins from Kokura station to Usa station by JR Kagoshima Honsen Line.

Usa City where makes us feel history and the mystery of nature

Usa Jingu Shrine

The most famous sightseeing spot is Usa Jingu Shrine. It’s the head shrine of about 44000 Hachimangu Shrines across Japan, and is popular for photogenic place for tourists. If you are interested in history, you should stop by Oita Prefectural Museum of History. It’s located in a park called “Usa Fudoki-no-Oka” where there is Kawabe Takamori Ruin where you can see ancient tombs as well. There is also Akatsuka Ancient Tomb which is the oldest tomb in Kyushu in the park.


Higashishiya Falls

Takkiri Keikoku Gorge

Amari Falls

There are several places where you can fell the mystery of nature. Especially Nishishiya-no-kei is absolutely a must-see place where attracts people with beautiful terraced paddy fields extrend over mountains. Higashishiya Falls which is one of the best 100 waterfalls in Japan is another must-see place! It is also known as “Kyushu Kegon” because the water falls down from 85 meter-high cliff looks like Nikko Kegon Falls. Also, Takkiri Keikoku Gorge and Amari Falls are great scenic spots of nature.

Local food with shrimps and crabs



Tori-ten and Karaage are great local food in Usa City but there are more local dishes with shrimps and crabs. One of them is called “Ebi-chirashi” which is made of sushi rice with a variety of vegetables mixied in , and topped with dried shrimps called “Kachi-ebi”. Ebi-chirashi is eaten for celebrations and/or any other happy occasions. Another local dish called “Gan-jiru” which is made with crushed Mokuzu-gani crabs is delicious too. Recently people use a blender to crush the crabs but they used to use mortar and pestle long time ago.


Why don’t you visit the city to feel the mystery of nature and to enjoy the local dishes after eating best Karaage ever?


Oita Prefecture official tourism information site




酢醤油とからしのたれで食べるとり天も大分県の名物で、まさにソウルフードと言えるでしょう! そんな美味しい鶏料理が食べられる宇佐市の魅力を紹介していきます。