[:en]Have you ever heard of “Intercity-Express”? It’s an audio visual project by a world-renowned Japanese creator Tetsuji Ohno. His visual works with the innovative sound is getting popular specially in Europe.



He used to be an office worker and had experienced many different things. In the middle of 1990s, he started his career as DJ in Tokyo and the end of 1990s, he started to create his original music as a composer. He’s been doing live performance in all over the world since then. He has amazing career as an artist who has performed in many countries so far at media art festivals such as MUTEK in Canada, MUTEK MX in Mexico, HPL in Russia, Scopione Festival in France, Sunscape Festical in Republic of Malta. His exhibition work has been won the prize at FILE Festival as well.
Simultaneously he’s been domestically doing many different activities including developing interactive contents and he appeared the biggest digital technology exhibition in Japan called Inter BEE in 2017.


Tetsuji Ohno

His sound has a strong characteristic of mixture of techno, house, noise and electronic genres with his original visual art, which fascinates people especially in Europe. His music sounds simple but actually thick and complicated that is on colorful visual art. The delicate lines dances boldly in the vivid colors that takes listeners to the world of Intercity-Express.


In August, 2018, he appeared at MUTEK held in Motreal, Canada again. Montreal is the city where has strong French and other Europe culture includes music and nightclub scenes. We are sure Tesuji Ohno fascinated people who gathered in Montreal from all over the world![:ja]Intercity-Expressをご存じでしょうか? Intercity-Expressとは、世界で活躍するクリエイター、大野哲二氏による、ヴィジュアル・サウンドプロジェクト。その革新的なサウンドとヴィジュアルワークがヨーロッパを中心に話題を呼んでいます。



元々は、会社員だったという大野氏。アーティストとして活躍するまでにさまざまな経験をしてきたそうです。90年代半ばには、東京都内を中心にDJとしてのキャリアを経て、90年代後半から本格的に楽曲制作をスタート。以来、世界を股にかけて精力的にライブパフォーマンスを行っています。これまでに、カナダのMUTEK、メキシコのMUTEK. MX、ロシアのHPL、フランスのScopioneフェスティバルなどのメディアテクノロジーアートフェスや、マルタ共和国ではSunscapeフェスティバルなどの野外フェスにも出演したという華々しい経歴の持ち主です。ライブだけではなく、エキシビジョン作品として、ブラジルのFILEフェスティバルにも入選しました。日本国内では、音楽開発はもちろん、インタラクティブコンテンツの制作なども含めた幅広い活動をしており、2017年には、日本随一の音と映像、デジタルテクノロジーの展示会、Inter BEEにも登壇しました。