[:en]In Usa Region in Kunisaki Peninsula where has been registered the Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems, Shiitake mushrooms cultivation by using Sawtooth Oak forests and multiple interlinked irrigation ponds is active! The system where forestry and agricultural production are made possible and are sustain by the connected system of Sawtooth Oak forests and multiple interlinked irrigation ponds was praised.



The internationally competitive shiitake mushrooms are thick and as good as truffles. Just grilled Shiitake with a touch of Kabosu Citrus which is one of a specialty of Oita Prefecture is the best way to eat them.

Access to Bungo-Takada City

Arriving by airplane:
Approximately 1h 35mins from Haneda airport to Oita airport. About an 1hour bus ride from Oita airport to Usa Station. About 10 min drive from Usa Station to the center of Bungo-Takada City.

Arriving by train:
Approximately 4hrs 45mins from Tokyo station to Kokura station by JR Tokaido bullet train. About 50 mins from Kokura station to Usa station by JR Kagoshima Honsen Line. About 10 min drive from Usa Station to the center of Bungo-Takada City.

Retro revival “town of Showa” Bungo-Takada City

Bungo-Takada City has retro atmosphere and is also known as “town of Showa”. The city is surrounded by retro townscape with rich nature where is very peaceful. Bungo-Takada City used to be the most busiest city in Kunisaki Peninsula.Some of old buildings from 1950s still remains in the city.

Nowadays, the whole city has been trying to rehabilitate the townscape from the Showa Period with the old active shopping arcade, retro style buses and trick art on the road.

There are Showa themed museums such as Showa no machi museum and Showa Roman Kura, where you can experience the atmosphere of the Showa Period with fashion and home electric appliances were popular at that time.

Breathtaking scenery which is made by the history and nature

Bungo-Takada City also has beautiful nature. A must-see place called “Tashibuno-sho” has a beautiful rural view of Japan.

Sunset on Matama Coast is said the best sunset in Japan, where is known to be the only location in Oita Prefecture where an uninterrupted sunset on the horizon can be seen. The beach is popular in summertime for both locals and tourists.

Kunisaki Peninsula is known for its stone-carved Buddha images scattered around the peninsula, where has 80% of Nio statues in Japan. Every Nio statue has different face and body shape.

A town of “Soba”, Bungo-Takada City

Bungo-Takada Soba is rare buckwheat noodles in Japan, that has two harvest seasons are spring and autumn a year. The local community tries to make the great soba which the entire process is produced in the city. There are 9 soba places where are certified by the city that they serve freshly made soba. Let’s try Bungo-Takada Soba which has a rich flavor.


Bungo-Takada City is a fascinating place where nostalgic scenery mixed with Showa Retro townscape and the great nature, and where the tasty Soba and Shiitake mushrooms can be eaten.


Oita Prefecture official tourism information site

 [:ja]世界農業遺産に認定された国東半島・宇佐地域は、クヌギ林とため池を活用した原木しいたけ栽培が盛んです。その栽培と農林水産業システムが「クヌギ林とため池がつなぐ 国東半島・宇佐の農林水産循環」として評価されました。