[:en]We will introduce to you what Hachijo-Jima(Island) is like, against the backdrop of the beautiful nature. From must-see sight to how to get there and enjoy the island, it is a short video, but you can fully understand it.



It is located at the southern tip of the Izu Peninsula, approximately 290km south of Tokyo, Hachijyo-town is consisting of Hachijo-Jima(Island) and Hachijo-Kojima(Little Island). But since Hachijo-Kojima(Little Island) is an uninhabited island, it can be thought that Hachijo-machi(town) and Hachijo-Jima refer to almost the same place. The island is gourd-shaped terrain, formed from the two volcanoes of Higashiyama and Nishiyama. The climate, influenced by the Kuroshio Current, is mild, with strong wind and rainy characteristics throughout the year. Therefore, it is called “Tokoharu no Shima”Island of everlasting spring and nurtures rich nature.

Access to Hachijo-machi

By airplane:
It is approximately 55 minutes from Haneda Airport to Hachijyojima Airport.

By ferry:
About 10 hours from Tokyo Bay to Hachijyojima.

Must-go spot in Hachijyo-machi

Sokodo Beach
Because Hachijo island has many rocky seashores, many beachgoers visit Sokodo beach, the only artificial sand beach in the island. This place is famous not only for swimming but also for places to enjoy marine sports such as diving and snorkeling.

Miharashi no Yu
Hot Spring on Hashijyojima, there is an open-air bathtub, it is located at 94 m above sea level, you can enjoy the view of the beautiful sea. If the weather is nice, you can enjoy bathing while watching the sky full of stars at night. Since the hot spring switches men and women baths each day, it is also interesting to compare each bathing section.

Must-eat food in Hachijyo-machi

Shimazushi (Island Sushi)
Hachijyojima island sushi, using fish from the ocean nearby, dipped in a soy sauce based sauce and placed over lightly sweetened rice and served with karashi mustard. Other than here, it is not easy to find Sushi toppings such as flying fish and Japanese butterfish(medai), so definitely you want to try them.

Also known as “Hachijyousou,” It is a local specialty of Hachijojima. Even after harvesting the leaf, new sprout growing overnight, and recently it has been drawing attention as a health food ingredient. In Hachijyojima, they are used for various cooking methods such as tempura, udon, and cheesecake.

Must-buy souvenirs in Hachijyojima

Shochu in Hachijyojima is popular in the name of “Hachijyo Shochu” and “SIMAZAKE”.等 Satsuma Imo Shochu as the origin, Imo, Mugi and Imo/Mugi blended shochu using delicious water of Hachijyo-Jima is popular among tourists. Currently, four distilleries produce more than 10 types of brands, so please taste and find your favorite one.


Hachijo town surrounded by beautiful sea is attractive enough to say that the entire island is