[:en]Himeshima Island in Seto Inland Sea is an Island of a village and is only village in Oita Prefecture. The promotional movie introduces how fascinating place Himeshima Island is by locals says “This is Geaopark!!”.

Himeshima Island was born by volcano 200,000 years ago. The obsidian made by the volcano is very rare and is designated as a national natural monument.

Access to Himeshima Island

Arriving by airplane:
Approximately 1h 30 mins from Haneda airport to Oita airport. About a 30 min bus ride from Oita airport to Kunisaki. 50 min bus ride from Kunisaki to Imi Port. 20 mins from Imi Port to Himeshima Island by ferry.

Arriving by train:
Approximately 4hrs 45mins from Tokyo station to Kokura station by JR Tokaido bullet train. About 50 mins from Kokura station to Usa station by JR Kagoshima Honsen Line. 1 hour bus ride from Usa Station to Imi Port. 20 mins from Imi Port to Himeshima Island by ferry.

Himeshima Seven Wonders at Himeshima Island, the only village in Oita Prefecture

Himeshima Island that is only 17 kilo meters in circumference where is known as geopark and mysterious island with many myths and legends. Himeshima Seven Wonders are popular sightseeing course which are places with 7 legends of Ukisu, Sennindo, Sakasayanagi, Kanetsuke Ishi, Ukita, Amida kaki and Hyoshimizu.

Ukisu is enshrining the fishery god, Takabe-sama and it is never sunk in water even in the bad wheather.


Sennindo is a small temple located on Kannon-zaki enshrining the Bato-Kannon. Sennin means 1000 people and the temple was named because 1000 of good people can be hidden from an ogre on the day of new year’s eve.

Sakasa Yanagi was named because when the princess inserted the toothpick of the willow upside down in the ground and the buds came out.

Kanetsuke Ishi is also known as Ohaguro Ishi. Ohaguro is tooth-blackening. It was named by a legend that the princess left her small cup and the brush to tooth-blacken and a mark was left there.

Ukita was named by a legend that field shakes with anger of the serpent because the huge snake which lived in the pond was wrongly buried.

Amida Kaki (Kaki means oysters) was named by a legend that oysters in the marine cavern underneath the lighthouse and those oysters are not sunk in the seawater, If people eat them, it causes stomach ache because the oysters looks like the shape of Amida Sannon.

Hyoshimizu was named by a legend that when the princess tooth-blackened and tried to rinse her mouth but there was no water. So she prayed with hand clapping and the water came out.

Himeshima Island, a place of the best seafood

Himeshima Island is surrounded by the sea and is a place where fresh seafood can be eaten. Especially prawns, red snappaers and flatfish are the Himeshima’s specialty. Prawn sashimi that is still alive and sashimi and soy sauce flavored boiled flatfish are the must-eat dishes when visiting Himeshima.


Also, there is a local dish called “Tai-men” which is udon noodles with a whole red snapper on top. It’s been eaten for celebrations like a situation when the first time meet-up the parents of a couple before they get married.


Why don’t you visit Himeshima Island to explore the mystery of the nature and the wonders?


Oita Prefecture official tourism information site

 [:ja]瀬戸内海に浮か離島の姫島は、1島1村の大分県内で唯一の村です。今回紹介する動画は、「This is ジオパーク!」と叫びながら、地元の人々が姫島の魅力を伝えるPRムービーです。